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Get Custom Wedding Invitations Made at Poeme in Hyde Park

Kristen Folzenlogen's collaborative design process makes for beautiful personalized wedding invitations at Poeme in Hyde Park.

Try These New Popular Wedding Trends Recommended By Industry Experts

From charcuterie boards to watercolor cakes, these new wedding trends are in popular demand, according to industry experts.

Local Couple Celebrates Honeymoon With a Cross-Country Road Trip

An adventurous Covington couple celebrated their wedding with a three-week cross-country road trip, driving to California and back.

The To-Dos (and Don’ts) of Scheduling Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Plan

Local makeup artist Megan Kramer of Blend Artistry gives you an in-depth beauty agenda to follow leading up to your big day.

Revamp That Hand-Me-Down Wedding Dress and Make It Your Own

Have a family wedding dress on hand? Anthony King Alterations can work wonders by helping you customize it for your own special day.

Watteau Wedding Gowns Make Modern-Day Comeback With Revamped Style

Today Watteau wedding gown train is getting a modern makeover from fashion designers who are putting their stamp on the style.

How to Navigate Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

Amid crowd restrictions surrounding COVID-19, couples are choosing whether to reschedule or reimagine the day.

Turn Your Heirloom Stones Into A Stunning Wedding Ring

Richter & Phillips Jewelers can help you turn your vintage heirloom stones into stunning custom wedding rings.

Cincinnati’s Strange Fascination With Japanese Weddings

Before 1910, Cincinnati's Asian population was extremely small and almost exclusively Chinese. Still, the city had a 30-year obsession with Japanese wedding ceremonies.

These Amazing Spaces Will Wow Guests at Your Bridal Shower

From a former governor's house to a microwinery, one of these local spaces will have the perfect vibe for your bridal shower.

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