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Knowing When to Click ‘Unfollow’ on Social Media

I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, and sometimes all the un-knowing of each other isn’t something I want to hold on a tiny screen in my hand.

Dr. Know: Columbia Parkway Landslides, Fountain Square’s Name, and Ringing a Giant Bell

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including Columbia Parkway landslides, Fountain Square's legal name, and the giant bell at St. Frances de Sales Church.

Editor’s Letter, May 2019: A Citizen of the World

Many of the world's cultures are represented in Cincinnati—more than you might think.

Battery Acid Reflux: The Worst Possible Solution for a Car That Won’t Start

The worst possible solution for a car that won’t start.

Dr. Know: Pete Rose’s Home Invisible to Google Maps, Flagging Traffic Deaths, and Too-Loud...

Pete Rose is banned from baseball, but why is he banned from Google Maps? When I try to use the Street View to see...

Editor’s Letter, April 2019: If Cincinnati’s Past Was a Musical

I got to thinking of what a Hamilton-like show about seminal moments in Cincinnati would focus on—which significant people or events would a composer choose to help tell our city’s story?

Dr. Know: Unidentified Artist, Antlers on Central Parkway, and Public Comfort

I’m on a team in Clifton that’s renovating a beautiful century-old mansion. We know a lot of its history, but there’s one detail that...

Reconsidering the Meaning Behind the House I Grew up In

I haven’t seen Mr. and Mrs. Eismann in decades, but as soon as they answer the door I am 10 years old again, coming...

Editor’s Letter, March 2019: The Seven Stages of Fine Dining

Imagining dinner at one of Cincinnati’s best restaurants is like planning a mini vacation: so many things to see, do, and touch and so...

Dr. Know: Lost Lincoln Statue, Kenwood’s Christmas Chaos, and O Pie O’s TV Legacy

I only recently learned that Cincinnati once had a Lincoln Park. Did Lytle Park’s beardless Abraham Lincoln statue start there and then get moved?...

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