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Dr. Know: Nudist Colonies, Keys To The City, And Lost SCPA Students

The good doctor sleuths out a database of proclamations, mysterious sidewalk stickers, and Cincinnatians baring it all.

Editor’s Letter, July 2023: Fried Chicken All Around

It’s a little jolting, in a good way, to be reminded that different and distinct worlds exist outside of your own navel-gazing routine—even in a city like Cincinnati.

Dr. Know: Birth of Cosplay, Vanishing Exits, and Vintage Venues

The good doctor examines the Cincinnati origins of cosplay, a perpetually closed exit ramp, and a lost concert venue by City Hall.

Editor’s Letter, June 2023: Appreciating Our Local Ecology

This month, we explore the animals and plants that inhabit our environment.

It’s Fun to Stray at the YMCA

Revisiting the past reaffirms that everything used to be something else.

Editor’s Letter, May 2023: Breakfast of Champions

Survey the city for the best breakfasts to fuel your day.

Dr. Know: Building Beehives, “Grosley” Radios, and Jerry Springer’s FM Show

The good doctor takes a dive into the stories behind a mysterious beehive, when a ”Grosley” radio rode on the Queen Mary, and the late Jerry Springer’s radio show.

Bot Really, Folks: An AI Analysis of Greater Cincinnati

I asked ChatGPT about Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. It didn’t go well.

Editor’s Letter, April 2023: Northern Kentucky Takes Over

This month, we examine the people, places, and things that makes the NKY region unique.

My Life in Maple Trees

Reflecting on faithful companions and deep-rooted connections.

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