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Dr. Know: Charley’s Crab, Interstate Signs, and Stagge’s Corner

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including memorializing old restaurants, highway graffiti, and a nearly hidden plaque in Kenwood.

How a Sorority Girl Ended up Atop Cincinnati’s Highest Garbage Heap

Her summer job came with an unexpected perk: a new appreciation for Hamilton County’s Mt. Rumpke landfill.

A Radar Love Story

I acquired an Escort Radar Receiver—universally considered the world’s best—as a gift from Mike Valentine, the guy who helped invent it.

Editor’s Letter, August 2021: Find Your Own Views

I’d never lived in a city with so many views of downtown and the river from 360 degrees.

Was I Part of the Gymnastics Abuse Problem?

Ten years ago, I quit being a gymnastics judge, partly because of a growing sense something sinister was going on.

Dr. Know: An Old School, Area Codes, and Racist Behavior

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including Madeira’s original schoolhouse, 10-digit dialing, and broken glass in city pools.

Editor’s Letter, July 2021: Life Is Good. Have a Burger

Burgers are synonymous with summer in the USA. Seriously, is there a more American food than the humble hamburger?

Dr. Know: Hollow Earth, Stars of David, and Demolished Covington

The good doctor explores questionable scientific theories, the meanings of a six-pointed star, and what the IRS Center replaced.

This Old House Has a Heck of a Story

If you live, or once lived, in a musty old Cincinnati money pit of a house, make sure to check out its history.

Editor’s Letter, June 2021: We Just Keep Coming Back

I learned that “boomerangs” were a thing here—a current of people leaving Cincinnati and then moving back years later.

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