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Editor’s Letter, September 2020: An Arts Recalibration

At a time when we look to the arts for insight into understanding each other and our struggles, these institutions had to shut their doors, cut staff, and postpone new work.

Editor’s Letter, August 2020: Searching for Silver Linings

We’re all searching for silver linings. We want to believe that the disruption, uncertainty, and down time will add up to something positive in the end.

For Team Hughes, Basketball Is So Much More Than a Game

Basketball is more than a game for referee Kelly Whelan and coach Bryan Wyant, who created Team Hughes to support Hughes High School students.

Why We Need to Cut Working Parents Some Slack Right Now

Being a working parent, especially right now during the coronavirus pandemic, makes you a freaking superhero. We see you and support you.

Dr. Know: An Empty Alcove, Greenacres, and Union Terminal’s Woes

This month's questions for Dr. Know touch on what that Trader Joe’s bench is for, why an estate seems to be named for a TV show, and the fate of Union Terminal.

On Black Lives Mattering

When it comes to racial injustice, I fear the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same” will always be accurate.

An Ode to the People and Things That Have Helped Me Weather the Pandemic

As columnist Judi Ketteler reflects on how she’s coping with the pandemic, she knows one thing is for certain: This too shall pass.

Dr. Know: Civic Negativity, Pete Rose’s Speeding Ticket, and Concert Mis-Matches

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including our low opinion of our city, a traffic violation by Pete Rose, and that time the Beastie Boys opened for Madonna.

The Pathogen Less Traveled

In his latest column, Jay Gilbert shares the lighthearted lessons he's learned during quarantine and recognizes how fortunate he is to have his health.

Editor’s Letter, July 2020: There’s Always Hope

We don’t know what the rest of 2020 will bring, but we do know where we’ve been as a community and how we overcame previous bleak times together.

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