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How to Make Honesty Matter in a Post-Truth World

If you want to rail against dishonesty in others, hold yourself accountable first.

Dr. Know: Snow Shoveling Scofflaws, When The Doors Didn’t Play Music Hall, and Fax...

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including what to do when your neighbor won't clear a path, why Jim Morrison was too much for our delicate sensibilities, and a local maker producing fax machines—in the 1930s.

Editor’s Letter, January 2020: Looking Ahead to a New Decade

In our January Top Doctors issue, we draw inspiration from long-gone innovators and forward-looking caregivers.

Dr. Know: Fancy Fire Hydrants, a Long-Lost Rock Venue, and Those Infernal Contraflow Lanes

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including deciphering color coded hydrants, whatever happened to Panacea, and torturous road construction.

That Time I Left Cincinnati, Never to Return, and Tragedy Reminded Me Where I...

This month, we reflect on the 40th year since the Who concert. I wasn’t in Cincinnati that night, but I realized how much I’d become someone from Cincinati.

Editor’s Letter, December 2019: Celebrating How Far We’ve Come

Cincinnati isn’t perfect, and we have a ways to go to solve our more intractable problems, but we deserve to celebrate how far we’ve come.

Dr. Know: Cincinnati’s Thanksgiving Day Race, Sawyer Point’s Bicentennial Bricks, and O’Bryonville’s Official Borders

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including the history of Cincinnati's Thanksgiving Day Race, how to find a Bicentennial Brick at Sawyer Point, and O’Bryonville's lack of municipality.

My Freelance River Dance

Working as a full-time freelance writer is a negotiation between effort and luck.

Four Locals On Why They Chose to Live on Their Side of the Ohio...

Four locals explain why they chose the side of the river they’re living on and what it means to them.

Editor’s Letter, November 2019: We’re All in This Together

Ohio? Kentucky? While there are plenty of things that divide us, we're all still neighbors, y'all.

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