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Finding Common Grounds

It’s not about the coffee. Well, maybe a little.

Editor’s Letter, November 2021: Get to Know Your Local Coffeehouse

Great coffeehouses help you escape the outside hustle and bustle and never hurry you along, and they build connections with communities one cup at a time.

Dr. Know: Radio Names, Another Roadside Memorial, and That Big Indian Sign

The good doctor explores puzzling issues, including the girl named after the radio station, a mystery plaque, and a problematic sign.

Freak of Nature

Life can blindside you if you’re not paying attention. So can the weather, as Cincinnati was reminded in 2008.

Editor’s Letter, October 2021: Find Your Destination

This month, we’re highlighting a variety of unusual destinations you can reach by car, from new museums and fun food scenes to small-town charm and mountain adventures.

How to Live to Be 86

Searching for wisdom while navigating between two very different generations.

Dr. Know: Columbia Parkway Driveways, Jimi Hendrix Memorabilia, and U-Turns

The good doctor delves into puzzling issues, like pulling out of Columbia Parkway driveways, the value of memorabilia from a Jimi Hendrix concert at Xavier, and making a proper U-turn.

Editor’s Letter, September 2021: Go For a Walk

The intention behind the September issue’s “Walk This Way” section is to remind us how much there is to appreciate around us when we walk: beauty, history, community, and companionship.

Dr. Know: Charley’s Crab, Interstate Signs, and Stagge’s Corner

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including memorializing old restaurants, highway graffiti, and a nearly hidden plaque in Kenwood.

How a Sorority Girl Ended up Atop Cincinnati’s Highest Garbage Heap

Her summer job came with an unexpected perk: a new appreciation for Hamilton County’s Mt. Rumpke landfill.

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