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Where to Eat (and Drink) Along the Little Miami Scenic Trail

There’s no need to pack your own snacks on your trail ride—these restaurants and breweries along the way make great pit stops.
MAY 2021

Food-Flavored Brews to Delight (and Confuse) Your Tastebuds

Food-inspired beers from local breweries take flavors from unexpected places, including doughnuts, sausage, coffee, and lemonade.

Hopped Farms Is Growing Your Next Beer

Fifty West, HighGrain, Karrakin Spirits, and Little Miami Brewing all get hops from Hopped Farms, and this fall you'll be able to taste some.

Feel Like a Tourist at Saeso in Pendleton

Pendleton’s Saeso has the charming vibe of an intimate café inspired by an Italian holiday.

Will DORA Lead the COVID-19 Recovery Efforts at The Banks?

Patrons flocking to the opening of the 85-acre Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) is a good sign to business owners.

Five Fruit-Based Beers You Need in Your Life

Spring has sprung and it's time to change your drinking profile. Try some of these fruited beers from four local breweries.

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