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17 Curious (and Occasionally Famous) Cincinnati Dogs

Celebrating man's best friends throughout Cincinnati history, from a flying dog in 1835 to Schottzie 1 and 2.

Was Florence Weaver’s Will a Crystal Ball?

Can you imagine what Cincinnati will be like 500 years from now? This wealthy schoolteacher tried to shape the city's future back in 1930.

Dr. Know: Columbia Parkway Driveways, Jimi Hendrix Memorabilia, and U-Turns

The good doctor delves into puzzling issues, like pulling out of Columbia Parkway driveways, the value of memorabilia from a Jimi Hendrix concert at Xavier, and making a proper U-turn.

“In Her Voice” Celebrates the Collective Impact of Black Women

Queens Village partners with Underworld Jazz Festival to bring Black women’s voices center stage.

The Courtroom Drama Surrounding Spring Grove’s Dexter Mausoleum

What’s in a name? In Charles Dexter’s case, a name change was worth $20,000 in 1916 dollars.

Don Poynter’s Legacy Is Mighty Tiny

The Cincinnati novelty inventor, who died last month at age 96, built a serious business around making people laugh.

Seeking Cures for Ohio’s Bungled Medical Marijuana System

The fight to include autism as an approved condition for medicinal cannabis—allowed in nearly two dozen other states—typifies the slow rollout of Ohio's two-year-old system.

Cincinnati Ballet and Its Artistic Director Are Making Moves

Cincinnati Ballet and its outgoing artistic director Victoria Morgan look to their next chapters.

Further Insight into How Cincinnati Streets Were Named

Curious tales about Plum vs. Plumb, Copelen vs. Copeland, Whetsel vs. Wetsel vs. Whetzel, and the best way to get your name on a street.

Cincinnati Successfully Fought Anti-Vaxxers in the 1880s

Health officials and the local media advocated vaccinations to fight local smallpox outbreaks and to combat “false and foolish” anti-vax propaganda. The disease was eventually defeated.

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