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Can Human-Centered Design Find Solutions to Tough Problems?

This form of design, practiced by Madisonville-based Design Impact, aims to help communities and institutions solve problems collaboratively, with empathy.

This Citywide Arts Initiative Celebrates the 19th Amendment’s 100th Anniversary

The Power of Her initiative commemorates the 19th Amendment’s centennial and historic anniversaries across Cincinnati arts institutions.

How Past Cincinnatians Predicted The Future

Hourly newspapers? A universal language? Horse-less roads? These are just a handful of predictions the Queen City's past residents had about the future.

From Electrical Shocks to Holes In Skulls: Cincinnati Tried Almost Anything To Fight Hangovers

A word to the wise: Don’t try any of these hangover “cures” at home.

Are Stem Cell Treatments a Type of Miracle Cure or Snake Oil?

Stem cells have taken on a mythic promise. A new crop of stem cell treatments might be nothing more than costly placebos—or possibly dangerous.

A Year-End Collection Of Cincinnati Oddities

Here are some tidbits of Cincinnati Curiosities peculiarity to tide you over as we transition through the holidays to the dawn of a new decade.

Mark Your Calendar for These 14 Charitable Cincinnati Events in 2020

They're fun. They give back to the community. And they happen in Cincinnati in 2020.

This Nationally Known Ice Sculptor Works and Lives in Cincinnati

The president of Arctic Diamond, Brady Lantz, on the Super Bowl, ideal ice sculpting conditions, and staying warm.

Sole Bros Are High School Kids Trying to Make a Difference

By providing new and gently used sneakers for kids in need anywhere in the world, these teens give kids kicks and confidence.

Were the 2010s Cincinnati’s Golden Age?

A look at the past decade shows an explosion of growth for the Queen City. How will these years come to define us?

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