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Dr. Know: Kings Island, Chester’s, and Google Maps

The Good Doctor explains why everything is called "kings," the home of Chester (who was never born and can never die), and city lines on GPS maps.

Commuters Packed Cincinnati’s Old Streetcars, But The Rides Were Often Adventures

As Greg Hand was sweeping up the shop after last week's column, he found a handful of nuggets that looked interesting.

Cincinnati’s Old-Time Streetcars Were Notorious Death Machines

How cheap streetcar companies caused years of bloodshed on the streets.

Iris Simpson Bush Keeps the Pigs Flying

It takes a village (along with Elvis and bacon) to mount the successful Flying Pig Marathon every May.

Artists and Models: Lots Of Innuendo But Little Romance Among Cincinnati’s Bohemians

The rigorous life modeling scene in the early days of the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

In 1905, Cincinnati Vainly Hoped To Double Its Population In Just Five Years

The unsuccessful city-wide brainstorming session that took wannabe urban planners by storm.

Ohio Legislators Speed up the Legal Cannabis Process

Recreational marijuana sales in Ohio are predicted to begin this summer.

A Decade of Doctoring

I've embraced the burden of explaining the mysteries of life in Cincinnati. You're welcome!

In 1872, Cincinnati Ground To A Halt As The City’s Horses Succumbed To A...

With today's electronic cars, it might take a computer virus to achieve the same effect.

Dr Know: The Cupboard, Cremation BBQ, and An Abandoned Memorial

The Good Doctor investigates morbid mailers, overgrown sites, and the history of a beloved Clifton smoke shop.