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How Do Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Schools Measure Up?

Education in Ohio and Kentucky has its share of challenges, but we’re putting the spotlight on successes.

What Ever Happened To The Daring Aeronaut’s Beautiful Daughter?

Vio Sayers was a pseudonym. Her real name was Ida LaMountain, and she was the only daughter of a famous balloonist, or aeronaut, as they were then known.

The Lindner Center of HOPE Saves Lives

In the United States, mental illness is undertreated and care is underfunded. The Lindner Center of HOPE wants that to change.

How Business Is Handled on Both Sides of the Ohio River

From liquor sales to local government, here are some nuts and bolts differences in how Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati take care of business.

Verna Williams Is the First African-American Dean of UC’s Law College

The Harvard Law School graduate has had a rich career of public service, including arguing and winning before the Supreme Court.

Political Trends in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Are Headed in Opposite Directions

As Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati have grown similar in many ways, one stark difference stands out: politics

Blue Manatee Literacy Project Partners with Local Schools and Organizations to Close the Literacy...

The Blue Manatee bookstore re-launched in April as a nonprofit focused on bridging the literacy gap in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Celebrates a Century Of Traffic Jams

It might surprise you to know that “rush hour” and “traffic jam” both precede the popularity of automobiles in Cincinnati.

How a Local Family Found Itself at the Center of the National Covington Catholic...

When Michael Hodge and his family found themselves at the center of an internet firestorm, they made something good out of all the negativity.

The History Behind Ohio and Northern Kentucky’s Friendly Rivalry

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have shared, swiped, traded, bargained, and blamed ever since the first settlers drifted down the Ohio River.

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