The Story Behind C.T. Webber’s Iconic Painting of the Underground Railroad

Now hanging at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Charles T. Webber’s painting of the Underground Railroad helped cement Cincinnati’s historic connection with the anti-slavery movement.

Cincinnati’s First Hollywood Star Has Attracted a Whole New Generation of Fans

As Cincinnati’s very first Hollywood star and an icon of the silent movie era, Theda Bara is finally making noise as she attracts a new generation of fans.

Portugese Street Artist Vhils Brings His Work to the CAC

Vhils creates haunting portraits on building walls using chisels, hammers, bleach, and acid. Now you can see it up close at the CAC.

Meet the Artist Behind Some of Cincinnati’s Most Popular Murals

Cody Gunningham's vibrant art decorates the Queen City, from the flower-painted garage door on East 13th Street to Social OTR’s blue botanical mural.

International Storytelling Nonprofit The Moth Comes to Memorial Hall

The Moth will host two nights of live, unscripted, first-person storytelling at Memorial Hall on February 6 and 7.

Pop-Up Gallery Brings Art to the Masses

Five friends started a one-night art show that's turned into a great opportunity for local artists to showcase their work in unexpected places.

Thunder-Sky, Inc. In Northside Will Close Its Doors At the End of 2020

The eclectic folk-art gallery, named for iconic artist Raymond Thunder-Sky (a.k.a. the Construction Clown), in Northside has started its curtain call.

This Cincinnati Museum Center Exhibit Offers a Bird’s-Eye View of the Queen City

The display shrinks Cincinnati to 1/64 scale and shows how we’ve changed through the years.

This Cincinnati Native Has Her Hands in All Your Current—and Future—Favorite Comedy Shows

West Chester native Mitra Jouhari on comedy writing, absurdity, and the benefits of being from the Midwest.

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