We Fact-Checked the Play About Fact-Checking

Does art imitate life? In the case of Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park's production of The Lifespan of a Fact, it does. Sort of.

Dodecalis Luminarium Dazzles at Blink

This immersive experience, crafted by Architects of Air, is BLINK’s premiere event.

Top 5 Art Installations to Check Out at Blink This Weekend

This year’s projection mapping event will span more than 30 city blocks from Findlay Market to Covington, Kentucky.

The Cincinnati Art Museum Celebrates the 19th Amendment’s Centennial with Women Breaking Boundaries

The new exhibition joins ArtsWave in the citywide Power of Her initiative.

The Mission Behind Blink, the Mesmerizing Art and Projection Show

It's not just about the spectacle and the lights and the art. There's more to explore with Blink.

TT Stern-Enzi on Growing the OTR International Film Festival

Nearly 100 films from more than 15 countries come to OTR venues in October.

International Arts Organization RAW to Showcase Local, Independent Artists at Bogart’s

Art, live performances, tech, and runway shows. There's something for everyone at RAW's upcoming ARISE showcase.

This Loveland-Based Printmaking Studio Uses Picasso’s Cubism as Inspiration

Based in Loveland, Ink + Craft creates abstract linocut prints using clean lines, sharp shapes, and vivid colors.

Three Local Arts Organizations Celebrate Big Anniversaries With Three Major Events

The Children’s Theatre, Cincinnati Opera, and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra all have big milestones coming up. Here’s how they’re celebrating.

Actor Sam Straley Is Doing Alright

The Cincinnati native, Sam Straley, landed the role of Lawrence in ABC’s The Kids Are Alright—his first major network series.

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