Top 5 Shows to See This Fall

This season, get out on the town and into one of Cincinnati's world-class theaters.

Five of Our Favorite Bookstore–Coffee Shop Combos

On those mercifully unscheduled summer days, bookstores offer a refuge to get lost in–and as fate would have it, these picks all have coffee shops blissfully close.

Matthew Kelly is on a Mission to Bring People Back to the Catholic Church

Bestselling author, business consultant, and public speaker Matthew Kelly has built a successful brand, but his real calling is bringing people back to the Catholic Church.

Top 5 Writing Groups

If you consider yourself a writer, or want to become one, opportunities in the Queen City abound.

Leah Stewart’s Latest Novel is a Study of Actors and Kidnapping

One extremely indelicate published quote about his relationship leads actor Charlie Outlaw into a self-imposed island exile that turns into a kidnapping in "What You Don’t Know About Charlie Outlaw".

Cincinnati’s Greatest Literary Export is Releasing a New Book

Curtis Sittenfeld's relatable anthology is coming to a shelf near you April 24.

Tableside with Melissa Clark, Food Columnist

This New York Times food columnist has nearly 40 cookbooks under her belt, sparked a guacamole debate so fervent even President Obama had to chime in, and will speak May 10 at downtown’s Mercantile Library.

Take a Sweet Look at Our Candied Past

Take a bite out of local author Dann Woellert's tasty history lesson.

Elizabeth Catte Reveals the Other Side of Appalachia

A new book from Ohio’s own Belt Publishing reveals this region’s other side, refusing to be defined as poor, angry, and overlooked.

A New Tumultuous Read Through the Queen City

Local author Jessica Strawser's new book Almost Missed You is being released on Feb. 6.

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