The Book Bus Stars in Her Own Picture Book

Melanie Moore celebrates the amazing story of Tilly the Book Bus with a book release party on March 2.

Duane Lundy Lends Us His Ear for Great Music

In his new guide book, the psychology professor uses 12 criteria to evaluate the best rock albums and songs of all time.

Taking Care With Readers

A Cincinnati Nature Center hike inspired Jessica Strawser’s new novel.

Who Died First? A German Torpedo And An Irish Autopsy Roil A Cincinnati Courtroom

Almost every major event in history seems to have a curious Cincinnati connection—and the Lusitania is no different.

He Fought At Little Big Horn And A Cincinnati Artist Made His Face Famous

Chief Ogallala Fire, known to some as Indian Joe, was immortalized as a war hero by a local Cincinnati artist.

Cincinnatian James Ruggles Created A “Universal Language” But No One Listened

Although touted as based on a simplified system of spelling and grammar, the Universal Language was nearly impossible to read or speak.

Of Loren Long We Sing

The children’s book illustrator grounds his work in a Cincinnati and Midwest aesthetic that authors from Barack Obama to Madonna to Amanda Gorman love being associated with.

The Extracted Frames of Animator Mark Neeley

For the second time, still frames of Mark Neeley's Pop art cartoons will hit the shelves, giving an inside look at the world of animation.

James Garfield’s Life Lessons Still Resonate

Known more for his assassination than his policies, the Ohio-born president was both a radical and a unifier, says biographer C.W. Goodyear.

The Work of Photojournalism Mattered to Melvin Grier

A new memoir and art gallery retrospective focus attention on his photography career at The Cincinnati Post and beyond.