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Four Years After Closing, Enoteca Emilia Makes a Comeback in Loveland

Enoteca Emilia is doing lovely things in uncertain times. The Italian restaurant is a reboot worthy of its original O’Bryonville iteration.

The Standard Beautifully Transforms a Neighborhood Landmark

What was once Dick’s Standard Service—an iconic Covington car-repair business—is now a different kind of filling station.

Mesa Loca Delivers on the Promise of Its Prime Location

At the corner of Erie and Edwards in Hyde Park, Mesa Loca's elevated cocktails and Mexican dishes offer an escape from the everyday.

Pepp & Dolores Serves Good Pasta in Hard Times

Cincinnati’s dining scene far outstrips, in breadth and quality, what you would expect. Pepp & Dolores is another fine addition to this mosaic.

Losanti Brings a New Flavor to the Crown Republic Family

The boutique steakhouse from Chef-Owner Anthony Sitek delivers a solid dining experience with a few well-placed surprises.

Great Tang Is a Revelation of Authentic Chinese Flavor

Great Tang in West Chester can help you discover the real flavors of Chinese cuisine with its vast menu of traditional Chinese favorites.

Lebanon’s Black Horse Tavern Gets a Welcome Update

It's a new look and a new menu for The Golden Lamb’s tavern counterpart.

Jose Salazar’s Goose & Elder Delivers Straightforward Satisfaction

Goose & Elder is the third restaurant from Chef Jose Salazar, whose first two are among the city’s best.

Welcome to the New Pho Lang Thang

A new location for a Findlay Market favorite keeps all our favorites, and adds a new bar and carryout-only entrance.

The View at Shires’ Garden Gives Diners Wonderful Glimpses of Potential

There's a lot of potential at this rooftop spot that's great for a drink with, yes, a lovely view.

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