Every January, we compile an extensive list featuring the best active physicians in the Greater Cincinnati area—all of which are selected by their professional peers in a survey. Here, we share our list of the top 869 physicians in 68 specialties, and we introduce you to six local doctors tackling some of the most pressing issues facing healthcare today. Search for a physician near you by clicking the button or using our search function below.


Editor’s Letter January 2024: Top Doctors

Celebrating Cincinnati's great bounty of talented doctors.

A Smarter Knee Replacement

Beacon’s new “smart knee” makes it easier than ever to track progress after joint replacement.

Healing Through Integrative Health

How a triple-cancer patient combined traditional and alternative therapies to beat the odds and thrive—during treatment and beyond.

A Children’s Hospital Doctor and a Groundbreaking Dialysis Machine

The CARPEDIEM: Cardio-Renal Pediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine is designed for children with kidney failure under 8 kilograms in size.

Using Advanced Technology to Save Stroke Victims

It’s crucial to be able to identify stroke symptoms, and a Mayfield physician is establishing stroke centers across the region to help.

Beyond the Epidural

How local birthing options are expanding with the help of midwives, doctors, and doulas.


Physical And Behavioral Care Should Be Integrated

From mental health care to addiction treatment, TriHealth’s Behavioral Health Services team breaks down barriers to treat a subset of illnesses that affect about one in four adults.

Women’s Care Looks Different In A Post-Roe World

The June 2022 overturning of Roe v. Wade has plunged physicians—particularly those in women’s health—into a complex legal and ethical landscape.

Gender-Diverse (And Inclusive) Care Should Be Everywhere

One family doctor’s quest to make gender-diverse care the norm within every corner of our healthcare systems.

It’s Time To Take Child And Adolescent Mental Health Seriously

Tri-state kids are struggling. It’s time to step in.

Medicine Is Still Rife With Inequalities

As a teen, Anisa Shomo had to take three buses to get to the doctor. Now, she’s the one wearing the white coat.

Genetic Testing Is the Future of Cancer Care

St. Elizabeth’s new blood test can detect cancer early in at-risk patients.


Burns Blaxall Leads a Revolution in DNA

Can we harness the power of DNA to change the way we think about medicine?

GammaTile Is the New Frontier for Radiation Treatment

The GammaTile, a radiation device the size of a grain of rice, opens up a world of treatment possibilities for brain cancer patients.

How Cincinnati Children’s Is Changing Outcomes for Patients with Congenital Heart Defects

CCHMC is building a new learning network to assess long-term complications of a procedure for people born with a variety of congenital heart defects.

Two UC Health Physicians Lead Region’s First Clinic for COVID Long Haulers

The need for clinics to treat long COVID, which bring complex circumstances for patients, is growing.

Michael Kachmann and Zachary Tempel Are Operating Room Innovators

Armed with the latest technology and a unique camaraderie, these Mayfield neurosurgeons are changing the way we think about complex spinal surgery.

Editor’s Letter, January 2022: What It Means to Be Healthy

A successful healthcare regimen involves a top doctor, sure, but let’s not forget that it can—and maybe should—also include a clean environment, an appreciation for beauty, and a fun pair of shoes.


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The professionals listed herein—active physicians in Hamilton, Butler, Warren, and Clermont counties in Ohio; Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties in Kentucky; and Dearborn County in Indiana—were selected by their peers in a survey asking them which physicians they’d turn to for care conducted by Professional Research Services Company of Troy, Michigan. Professionals may be screened and selected through the verification of licensing and review of any infractions through various applicable boards, agencies, and rating services. For further information visit or e-mail PRS at This list does not, of course, include every caring, knowledgeable, and responsible physician in Greater Cincinnati. Some physicians appear in more than one specialty. Not all listed physicians are accepting new patients.


The Christ Hospital’s New Medical Spa Creates an Environment of Overall Wellness

Combining medical expertise and safety with restorative body treatments, the spa is a new frontier in the science behind beauty, skincare, and wellness.

How Experts at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Are Combatting Allergic Reactions

Research eventually leads to treatments and cures, but it takes dedication—and time. Marc Rothenberg, M.D, from Cincinnati Children's shares his decades-long work involving allergic reactions.

How St. Elizabeth Healthcare Is Working to Turn the Tide in Kentucky’s Fight Against Cancer

Kentucky has the nation’s highest cancer death rate at nearly 182 per 100,000 people. St. Elizabeth Healthcare is working to turn the tide and improve outcomes.

TriHealth Uses Telemedicine to Connect With Patients at Home

Telemedicine has opened up new avenues for patient care at TriHealth. And they might just be here to stay.

Mercy Health Explores Treating COVID Using Plasma

Patients at Mercy Health participated in a nationwide clinical trial that explored using convalescent plasma as a treatment for COVID-19.

How UC Health Is Facing Fertility Challenges Head On

Infertility affects one in eight couples. There’s no single solution. Luckily, UC Health offers a full spectrum of options.


Vascular Surgery Clears a Path in the Veins

“The goal of everything is to allow the patients to return to their lives.” Kevin D. Martin, M.D., on controlling the turbulence of blood and how his profession has changed.

Sleep Medicine Is Here to Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

“Sleeping well is the most important thing on this earth.” Samir Ataya, M.D., on a common problem that sometimes has a simple solution.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Treats Both Baby and Mother

“We have an ability to change the outcome drastically.” Kristin Coppage, M.D., and Sammy Tabbah, M.D., on the collaborative efforts of the Cincinnati Fetal Center.

How Advances in Hematology and Oncology Have Made Treating Blood Diseases Easier

Irfan Firdaus, D.O., on advances in the fields of hematology and oncology that have helped with everything from anemia to leukemia.

Sports Dermatology Is More Than a Skins Game

Brian Adams, M.D., shares how he helped create a new field of study by blending his interests in athletics and dermatology.

Endocrinology Aims to Understand How Hormones Work in Our Bodies

“I think of it as a puzzle, finding the needle in the haystack.” Shannon Haggerty, M.D., on the challenges of studying hormones—and how that affects our bones.


Three Cutting-Edge Medical Innovations Advancing Cincinnati in 2019

The medical field is always evolving. Here's how three local medical institutions are pushing boundaries to keep patients healthy this year.The Eye in the...

In a Family Way

A new birthing center helps The Christ Hospital welcome babies in comfort for the whole family.

Advanced PAD Goes From Deadly to Incidental With This New Therapy

Shockwave lithotripsy, a tried-and-true kidney stone treatment, will also help patients with advanced Peripheral Artery Disease

Air Apparent

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s world-renowned team approach to treating pediatric airway disorders flourishes as the program founder gets ready to retire.

Silencing a Silent Killer

Kidney cancer doesn’t make a lot of headlines. New drugs and immunotherapy treatments aim to keep it that way.

Can a “Vaccine Strategy” Cure Cancer?

University of Cincinnati cancer researchers are testing a promising alternative to traditional cancer treatments: a new immuno-oncology drug. Right now there’s just one person in the world who has received it.