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Cincinnati Once Supported a Menagerie of Secret Societies

The city was filled with odd fellows, wise men, druids, and elks in the late 1800s, though it was all hush-hush.

Cincinnati’s Violent Yet Forgotten Past

The “good old days” weren’t always so good, according to 100-year-old crime statistics.

A Piece of Peace at The Banks

The barrier that once divided East and West is now a symbol of unity along Cincinnati's riverfront.

Edison and Lumiere Battled for Motion Picture Glory in Cincinnati

Once lights-camera-action arrived in the late 1890s, Cincinnati’s entertainment industry would never be the same.

Cincinnati Men Once Sought Recognition As the City’s Homeliest

During the early 1910s, aspiring politicians argued that a homely appearance signaled honesty and relatability.

The Bridge That Wasn’t There

Did time travelers, clairvoyants, or civic optimism place an image of the Roebling Suspension Bridge in a local history book seven years before it opened? Plus other missing building mysteries.

Dr. Know: P&G’s Time Capsule, the Green Man, and the Cincinnati Olympics That Never...

The good doctor ponders puzzling queries, like what's inside a Procter & Gamble time capsule, the Green Man in the park, and our failed bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

Remember When It Took All Day to Read the Sports Pages?

Cincinnati newspapers used to cram a lot of coverage into a few sports pages, including cartoons, amateur baseball, and lots of horse racing.

The Women Who Made Us

Learn about the women who helped shape Cincinnati as we know it today.

Back When Being Called a Married Man Could Be an Insult

The strange case of Doctor C.P. Gray, the Madisonville dentist who illegally presented himself as single to young ladies when he was apparently married.

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