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17 Curious Facts About the Miami & Erie Canal

Cincinnati witnessed a 70-plus-year history of colorful cargo and characters along the waterway that gave Over-the-Rhine its name.

The Mt. Airy Water Towers Are Reminiscent of a Fairytale Castle

At the corner of North Bend Road and Colerain Avenue, The Mt. Airy Water Towers share a medieval style inspired by Eden Park's Elsinore Arch.

The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire Still Has a Hold on Us

Peter Bronson discusses his new book about the tragic 1977 fire and its connections to 40 years of Northern Kentucky corruption and organized crime.

How Automobiles Chased Cincinnati’s Pedestrians Onto the Sidewalks

Cincinnati became an automobile town in the 1920s, causing the city to splurge on parkways and highways and to confine pedestrians to crosswalks and sidewalks.

Beware the Squirrel Pie: Cincinnati’s Long History With Cicadas

Here's a brief recap of our love/hate affair with Brood X all the way back to 1800.

Dr. Know: 1974 Opening Day, a Peculiar Dentist Sign, and Ku Klux Klothes

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including streaks and streakers, dentophobia, and a racist clothier.

13 Curious Facts About the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The nation’s second oldest zoo has hosted dogs, birds, Native Americans, cantankerous elephants, escape-minded cats, and opera singers over its distinguished history.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Visited Cincinnati to Chat With Spirits

The famed writer’s Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson characters far outlived the mixed reception he received on his two Cincinnati visits.

Cincinnati Savored Timothy Kirby’s Shocking Will

When the Probate Court unsealed his last will and testament on January 18, 1876, the Kirby family and, eventually, the readers of Cincinnati’s newspapers gasped.

Bells Are Ringing at the Mary M. Emery Memorial Carillon

This Mariemont landmark keeps time for residents and serves as a sweet tribute to the neighborhood’s founder.

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