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How Past Cincinnatians Predicted The Future

Hourly newspapers? A universal language? Horse-less roads? These are just a handful of predictions the Queen City's past residents had about the future.

From Electrical Shocks to Holes In Skulls: Cincinnati Tried Almost Anything To Fight Hangovers

A word to the wise: Don’t try any of these hangover “cures” at home.

A Year-End Collection Of Cincinnati Oddities

Here are some tidbits of Cincinnati Curiosities peculiarity to tide you over as we transition through the holidays to the dawn of a new decade.

Thanksgiving in Cincinnati 100 Years Ago: Pricey Birds, Americanism, And A Baby Marathon

One hundred years ago, Cincinnati was hardly in the mood for giving thanks. This is what Thanksgiving 1919 looked like in the Queen City.

The Weird Tale Of Cincinnati’s Napalm Puppy For Peace

At the height of the Vietnam War, two pacifists announced they would napalm a puppy at the University of Cincinnati—and the city believed them.

What Ever Happened To The Daring Aeronaut’s Beautiful Daughter?

Vio Sayers was a pseudonym. Her real name was Ida LaMountain, and she was the only daughter of a famous balloonist, or aeronaut, as they were then known.

Cincinnati Celebrates a Century Of Traffic Jams

It might surprise you to know that “rush hour” and “traffic jam” both precede the popularity of automobiles in Cincinnati.

The Haunted Groves of Burnet Woods

Death records and old newspapers tell the grim tale of Burnet Woods as the place where Cincinnatians went to die.

Cincinnati’s Brave (Or Foolish!) Steeplejacks

These were no acrobatic tricks, and they certainly weren’t a bet or a dare. Young men climbed the steeples of churches because it was their job.

Cincinnati Used to Be Wine Country and The Skeleton Root Wants to Bring It...

Nicholas Longworth turned Cincinnati hillsides into vineyards and created a local wine industry. Today, Kate MacDonald looks to Longworth for inspiration.

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