Moments from the ceremony

All Together Now: Kristin Resch and Niraj Vora

You know you’re in uncharted wedding territory when your ceremonial horse cancels at the last minute. Uncharted, that is, if you’re planning a hybrid Indian-American wedding in Cincinnati.



Local Weddings


Local Love: Rachel Crouse and Timothy Mangen

The sign, which read “welcome to our little party,” served as a tongue-in-cheek welcome to Rachel’s and Timothy’s grand Gatsby-themed wedding, where glamour and glitz reigned supreme.

Sofia and Michael

Local Love: Sofia Andreadis & Michael Milo

The historic Woodward Theater, a stone’s throw from Sofia’s childhood home, set the stage for this couple’s modern wedding celebration in the city.

Jay Shatz and Stan Elliott

Luck Would Have It: Jay Shatz and Stan Elliott

Good timing, an ideal setting, and a crack team of vendors gave this couple the wedding they’d always wanted.

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