Best of the City 2019

Bundle up and celebrate 117 of the area’s greatest treats, shops, experiences, people, services, and events, including a soccer phenom, vegan goodies, and beautiful jewels. We promise it’ll be cozy, not itchy!

Shopping & Services

Food & Drink (Coming Soon!)

· Asian Bakery
· Bagel Sandwich
· Food Tour
· Dining for a Cause
· Smoked Sausage
· Walk-Up Window
· Restaurant Closing Reversal
· Local Seltzer
· Specialty Mimosas
· Rum Selection
· Fermented Veggies
· Goetta Pizza
· New Deli
· Wedding Dessert (Instead of Cake)
· Cheesy Date Night
· Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies
· Dumpling
· Fried Cheese
· Utility Player
· Chicken Tenders
· Beer Collaboration
· High Class Creamy Whip
· Authentic German Pretzels
· Hand-Pulled Noodles
· New Wine Bar
· Non-Beef Burger
· Where to get the best vegan…

Fun & Games (Coming Soon!)

· Indoor SkyDiving
· Canoeing Experience
· Kitschy Tiki Night
· Winter Bar Patio
· Frisbee Golf Course
· Flying Lesson
· Local Jazz Spot (Not Schwartz’s Point)
· Public Tennis Courts
· Powerlifting Gym
· Holiday Pop-up
· After-Hours Adult Pool Party
· Weekly Group Bicycle Ride
· Weird New Sport
· Sand Volleyball
· Alternative Indoor Bar Activity
· New Brew Bus
· Grown-up Dance Parties
· Dance Classes for…

Kids & Pets (Coming Soon!)

· NKY Children’s Bookstore
· Splash Pad
· Dog Ice Cream Spot
· Kenner Cameo
· Dog Park
· Place to Play
· Puppet Workshop
· Art Space for Kids
· Infant Swim Lessons
· Sports Facility Expansion
· Language-Immersion Preschool
· Fun Spot for Kids
· Healthy Food for Allergic Pets
· Tropical Fish Supply
· Zoo Companionship
· Spot for Tea Parties
· Storytime Librarian
· Doggie Pool Party
· Dog Treats
· Dog Wash
· Local Insta Famous Dogs




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