Best of the City 2019

Bundle up and celebrate 117 of the area’s greatest treats, shops, experiences, people, services, and events, including a soccer phenom, vegan goodies, and beautiful jewels. We promise it’ll be cozy, not itchy!




A Window-Filled Mid-Century Modern in Clifton

This Ben Dombar–designed, Mid-Century Modern jewel sits in the middle of a wooded lot in Clifton, giving it a treehouse feel.

Restaurants Rally for Support Amid COVID-19 Layoffs and Closures

The local restaurant industry implements temporary solutions and fights for national relief to ensure businesses return following coronavirus closure mandates.

How to Support Local Restaurants During COVID-19

A list of Ohio and Northern Kentucky businesses offering carryout, delivery, and more, during coronavirus restaurant closure mandates.

20 Cincinnati Breweries You Should Check Out

With so many great Cincinnati breweries to choose from, you can't go wrong. We picked 20 of our favorites to present you the Cincinnati Brewing Class of 2020.

Six Beer Industry Leaders Challenging the Status Quo

Craft brewing seems to be dominated by white dudes with beards. But dig a little deeper and you'll find there's room for more perspectives in the business.

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Best of the City: Nightlife

If you can’t find a place to go out after dark in Cincinnati, then you’re not looking hard enough.

Best of the City: Shopping

Whether you’re looking for a handmade wallet, some on-trend earrings on the cheap, or just a sit-down with a shop cat, our list will fix you up.

Best of the City: Adventure

Maybe your idea of adventure is a grueling uphill run—or maybe it's stargazing from a seated position. Either way, we've found something for you.

Best of the City: Services

Mobile vet! Driving school! Data retrieval!!! "Services" might not be the most fun category, but it sure is important.

Best of the City: City Life

We’ve got your best city life right here, from riverside swings to a Jerry Springer redux.

Best of the City: Food

From tricked-out Bloody Marys to sushi-making lessons, we rounded up the best food of 2015.