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Using Advanced Technology to Save Stroke Victims

It’s crucial to be able to identify stroke symptoms, and a Mayfield physician is establishing stroke centers across the region to help.

Clone Wars

Launching a hyper-realistic digital avatar puts Cincinnati writer/podcaster Helen Todd squarely in the debate about human creativity and artificial intelligence.

Local AI Event Highlights Business Potential of Synthetic Avatars

Helen Todd, host of Creativity Squared, plans to show off her digital avatar at the October 24 training event and happy hour.

The Work of Photojournalism Mattered to Melvin Grier

A new memoir and art gallery retrospective focus attention on his photography career at The Cincinnati Post and beyond.

Physical And Behavioral Care Should Be Integrated

From mental health care to addiction treatment, TriHealth’s Behavioral Health Services team breaks down barriers to treat a subset of illnesses that affect about one in four adults.

Genetic Testing Is the Future of Cancer Care

St. Elizabeth’s new blood test can detect cancer early in at-risk patients.

Show Them the Money: $martPath Uses Puppets to Teach Kids Financial Literacy

A rapping puppet, a public TV station, and a UC economist team up to teach children about financial literacy and making good choices.

Two UC Health Physicians Lead Region’s First Clinic for COVID Long Haulers

The need for clinics to treat long COVID, which bring complex circumstances for patients, is growing.

What Colleges, Faculty, and Students Learned From the Pandemic

How local college faculty turned the past year’s crazy school schedules and disrupted routines into life lessons for their students.

How Experts at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Are Combatting Allergic Reactions

Research eventually leads to treatments and cures, but it takes dedication—and time. Marc Rothenberg, M.D, from Cincinnati Children's shares his decades-long work involving allergic reactions.