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This Local Couple Hosted Separate Indian and Catholic Wedding Ceremonies To Honor Their Heritages

Separate Indian and Catholic ceremonies celebrated and honored the bride’s and groom’s heritages.

Local Mom Shares How She Adapted to Life with a Second Child

Let me first say this: I've worn the same leggings three days in a row, I have spit-up crusted in my hair, and I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth twice this week. And it’s...

Founder of Cincy Dads Group Is Proud to Be a Stay-at-home Dad

Name: Brock Lusch Kids: Hezekiah (5), Ruby (3) Extracurricular claim to fame: Founder of Cincy Dads Group The skinny on "staying home": I told my wife from day one that my goal was to be a stay-at-home...

UC Legal Professor Brings Passion for Protecting Children to Foster Care

Name: Emma Fletcher Foster kids: 1-year-old and 2.5-year-old girls (names withheld) Extracurricular claim to fame: University of Cincinnati legal professor and bass guitarist The call to foster: I was a guardian ad litem when I was a...

Lifestyle Blogger Shares How to Keep Your Kids Connected at Different Ages

Name: Courtnee Garr Kids: Rian (27), Logan (25), Skylar (24), Zachary (21), Rowan (4) Extracurricular claim to fame: Blogger at ohmyheartblog.com Words of wisdom: The benefit of already having children who are grown up is that you know...

City Flea Co-founder on the Perks of Raising Kids in OTR

Name: Lindsay Dewald Kids: Ruthie (5.5), Wren (2.5), Rowan (3 months) Extracurricular claim to fame: Co-founder of City Flea Raising kids downtown: We’ve always been city lovers, and we loved the idea of our kids being raised...

Owner of the Perfect Party Planner on Oakley’s Kid-friendly Atmosphere

Name: Sara Pattison Kids: Shelbi (3), Connor (8 months) Extracurricular claim to fame: Owner of The Perfect Party Planner Favorite kids spots in Oakley: blue manatee is one of the fun things we love to do. Now...

Why Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment’s President Prefers Homeschooling

Name: Britney Ruby Miller Kids: Caden (13), Gracie (8), Hannah (6), Asher (18 months) Extracurricular claim to fame: President of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment A kid-friendly perspective: From the time my brother and I became parents, we...

The Rosenthal Education Center Lets Kids Discover Their Inner Picasso

For most parents, the idea of bringing little ones—and their sticky, curious fingers—to an art museum probably sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. (Don’t touch that priceless painting! Stop climbing that centuries-old sculpture!) But...

Honey Designs Offers Custom Engagement Rings with All-Inclusive Proposal Packages

Engagement packages from Honey Designs include a custom engagement ring,
 a photographer 
to capture the proposal, florals, and a dessert to celebrate.