Are You “Ready for It,” Swiftcinnati?

Resistance to Taylor Swift is futile these days. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Indie and Art Film Highlights in June

Slip into a cool, dark theater this month and catch these amazing movies, starting with "Past Lives."

97X and the Meaning of True Independence

Robin James recalls the heyday of ”the Future of Rock and Roll” in a new book discussing the importance of WOXY-FM to Cincinnati and to the music business.

A Journey of Discovery Bears Fruit for Artist Jason Al Ghussein

Jason Al Ghussein plants his Palestinian roots in Over-the-Rhine, hoping a bright mural can open minds and bring people together.

Blow Off Some Steam(punk) At This Upcoming Cincinnati Symposium

Let free spirit and steam-powered fun run wild at the Cincinnati’s International Steampunk Symposium.

Can Poetry Plus Music Create More Than a Song?

Indiana University East professors Brian Brodeur (creative writing) and Nathan Froebe (music) set a poem to music and consider the results.

The Cowboy Junkies Are Surprisingly Ferocious

Family sadness and world chaos help lead band members in new directions on their 29th album.

The Emery Theater’s Waiting Days Are Over

An old friend, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, steps up to rescue the legendary Over-the-Rhine concert hall.

Indie and Art Film Highlights in May

"Specialty film" highlights of what's opening in May at the Esquire, Mariemont, Woodward, Cincinnati World Cinema, Wexner Center, and other indie theaters.

For Poetry Month, We Salute 18 Renowned Cincinnati Poets From Days Gone By

To recognize Cincinnati’s extensive contributions to the genre, learn more about local poets who achieved distinction.