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The Mother-and-Daughter Duo Behind Homestyle Restaurant TiYah’s Table

ItiYah Yisrael and Jazlyn Mason call TiYah’s Table a “blessing” and a “dream” despite the stress of launching during the pandemic.

Naomi Sams Converts Meat-Eaters With Her Vegan Treats

Naomi Sams of Like Mom’s Only Vegan at Findlay Market explains why she started her vegan bakery business.

This Cotton Candy Is a Real Sugar High

Kira Fluker-Burch’s Kandi Artisan Candy Clouds delivers sweet treats for kids and adults—including a CBD blend.

Oscar Meyer’s Wienermobile Makes Six-Day Stop in Queen City

One of Oscar Meyer’s iconic wienermobiles is visiting Cincinnati, making appearances at public and private events now through February 15.

Cathy Bernardino Bailey Leads the Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Cathy Bernardino Bailey started her career at the EPA, and now she keeps our water system moving as the Executive Director of Greater Cincinnati Water Works.

Farmer Nate’s Hot Sauce Was Born in Covington

Nathanael Nunemaker’s garden bounty led him to create Farmer Nate’s Hot Sauce, a brand that emphasizes flavor before heat.

Travis and Susan Fessler Run Their Own Circus

Breathing fire is just part of the gig for Travis and Susan Fessler of PB and J Circus. They share how the pandemic has impacted their work and the worst and best parts of performing.

Area Food Businesses Win Grants to Expand Their Reach

Five local food entrepreneurs get a financial boost from hometown food giant Kroger and the Incubator Kitchen Collective to help launch commercial kitchens.

Local Playwright’s Work Selected for Virtual Festival

Roger Collins’s play "Trading Places" will be featured in a Brooklyn-based theater company’s virtual new works festival this week.

Madeira-Based Business LifeFormations Brings Art to Life

This local business creates one-of-a-kind statues, sculptures, and displays that wow theme park visitors, museum guests, and more.