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Can Poetry Plus Music Create More Than a Song?

Indiana University East professors Brian Brodeur (creative writing) and Nathan Froebe (music) set a poem to music and consider the results.

The Cowboy Junkies Are Surprisingly Ferocious

Family sadness and world chaos help lead band members in new directions on their 29th album.

The Emery Theater’s Waiting Days Are Over

An old friend, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, steps up to rescue the legendary Over-the-Rhine concert hall.

Indie and Art Film Highlights in May

"Specialty film" highlights of what's opening in May at the Esquire, Mariemont, Woodward, Cincinnati World Cinema, Wexner Center, and other indie theaters.

For Poetry Month, We Salute 18 Renowned Cincinnati Poets From Days Gone By

To recognize Cincinnati’s extensive contributions to the genre, learn more about local poets who achieved distinction.

Emily Henry Is in a Happy Writing Place

The successful New York Times best-selling novelist talks about her new book, her writing process, and her love for Cincinnati.

Check Out What Else You Can Do With A Library Card

Your library card unlocks more than reading materials and movies—you can access small business help, meals, language resources, telescopes, and more.

These Upcoming Cincinnati Productions Are Blasts from the Past

Centuries-old stories can feel modern and relevant in the right creative hands.

Author John Young Has a Huge Imagination

He revisits a character from an earlier short story in his new novel ”Getting Huge,” a cautionary tale about obsessive pumpkin farming.

See a “Specialty” Movie in a Theater This Month and Help Save the Industry

Let’s try to break the death spiral of declining information about and interest in indie and art films. Here are 13 movies to see this month.

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