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A Swami Inspired Cincinnati Seekers in the 1920s

Indian philosopher Paramahansa Yogananda had a magnetic hold on female fans, which caused much jealousy and provoked a peculiar divorce.

17 Curious Facts About Coney Island

For almost a century, the “Coney island of the West” was the reigning Cincinnati amusement park. Here are 17 curious facts about Old Coney.

The Night the American Legion Rioted in Cincinnati

After World War I, anything that looked like Russian Bolshevism was labeled anti-American. A top target was unionized labor.

Meet Lotta Burke, Cincinnati Firebrand

Lotta Burke is described as “an early fighter for women’s rights in Cincinnati.” While true, that summary doesn’t begin to cover the range of her lifelong activism.

17 Curious Facts About the 1920 Election

The 1920 election featured the first opportunity for women to vote, the last Ohioan to become president, and a question about absentee votes.

Cincinnati’s 1884 Election Was a Real Riot

Democratic city officials and Republican federal authorities duked it out (literally) at local polling stations in the fall of 1884.

15 Curious Facts About Spring Grove Cemetery

Let’s take a walk through Cincinnati’s best-known cemetery. Don’t worry, though, Spring Grove isn’t as spooky as you think.

Remember When We Buried People Alive for Fun and Profit?

Live burials as promotional stunts were fairly common in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1969, a Bridgetown car dealership entombed a woman in 5,000 pounds of ice.

The True Story of UC’s Male Homecoming Queen

After World War II, a male veteran allegedly ran for UC homecoming queen and won. The legend survives on UC’s web site in an alumni magazine quiz.

A Brief History of Garbage in Cincinnati

A trashy tale of community refuse, from pigs roaming our streets and eating garbage tossed from windows to the creation of Mt. Rumpke.