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These Vintage April Fools Day Tricks Show How Casually Cruel Our Ancestors Could Be

How far back did Cincinnati endure April Fools hoaxes? Pretty far back, as it turns out—all the way to 1849.

Cincinnati’s 1878 Quarantine Saved Thousands of Lives

A strict lockdown of travel and shipping earned Cincinnati’s Health Commissioner, Thomas C. Minor, short-term scorn and long-term gratitude.

Cincinnati Once Declared ‘No Irish Need Apply’

Irish immigrants were held in the same low regard as freed slaves in the decades following the Civil War.

That Day Jesus Appeared in Covington’s Linden Grove Cemetery

In 1914, William C. Weidling took a photo of tree limbs in Covington's Linden Grove Cemetery. When he developed the film, he realized he photographed Jesus Christ.

The Curious Afterlife of Freddy Printz, Cincinnati Post Boy Reporter

The 10-year-old provided kid’s eye insights into Cincinnati life a century ago, then ventured off the political deep end as an adult.

The Story Behind C.T. Webber’s Iconic Painting of the Underground Railroad

Now hanging at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Charles T. Webber’s painting of the Underground Railroad helped cement Cincinnati’s historic connection with the anti-slavery movement.

Ohio Tried to Ban D.W. Griffith’s Epic ‘Birth of a Nation’

State censors objected not only to the insidious portrayal of African Americans in the film itself, but to the film’s inflammatory potential to incite racial unrest in Ohio.

Eliza Potter Styled Cincinnati’s Hair, Then Printed All The Gossip

She was an African American who published a book at a time when most were enslaved and, in many states, it was illegal to be taught how to read and write.

Despite Affliction, Cincinnati Poet Raymond Dandridge Inspired Others

Although he once achieved fame, Raymond Garfield Dandridge is sadly forgotten today.

The Time Mark Twain Feuded With The Cincinnati Enquirer

In 1870, the Cincinnati Enquirer or, rather, an anonymous columnist writing for the Cincinnati Enquirer, called Mark Twain a liar.