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Cincinnati Residents Created Some Very Curious Wills

Check out these 16 unusual bequests to relatives, pets, and banks from 1866 through 1961.

17 Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Procter & Gamble

Had it not been for Olivia Norris and Elizabeth Ann Norris, daughters of Alexander Norris and Phoebe Lawder Norris, there would be no Procter & Gamble. In 1833, Olivia married candle-maker William Procter and...

Marriage Touts Ensnared Couples Eloping to Northern Kentucky

A lucrative multi-level marriage industry sprung up in Covington and Newport in the late 1800s, lasting until laws were changed in 1950.

When Cincinnati Was Enchanted by the Ouija Board

Like almost all cultural trends, the emergence of this 19th century parlor game grabbed the nation’s attention but eventually triggered a backlash.

Cincinnati’s Election of 1921 Was Boss Cox’s Last Gasp

The more things change with Cincinnati city politics, the more they stay the same.

Cincinnatians Feared Premature Burial for Good Reasons

Let's explore curious cases of locals awakening in their coffins before being buried alive.

Remember When Cincinnati’s Best Cure for Colds Was Smoking?

A popular sinus congestion remedy in the early 20th century involved cubeb cigarettes that contained a dried Asian herb.

Cincinnati’s First Columbus Day Helped Fight Anti-Italian Prejudice

Few Italian-Americans were invited to participate in the local pageantry in 1892, though, and separate parades for public and Catholic schoolchildren were held.

17 Curious (and Occasionally Famous) Cincinnati Dogs

Celebrating man's best friends throughout Cincinnati history, from a flying dog in 1835 to Schottzie 1 and 2.

Was Florence Weaver’s Will a Crystal Ball?

Can you imagine what Cincinnati will be like 500 years from now? This wealthy schoolteacher tried to shape the city's future back in 1930.