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Cincinnati’s Uncelebrated Bicentennial

In 1819, with a population not quite reaching 10,000 residents, Cincinnati became a city.

Hanging By a Thread: 50 Years of Weird Suggestions to Save Union Terminal

In the years since its debut as the Cincinnati Museum Center on November 10, 1990, the Terminal has become the fourth-largest attraction in our region.

Remember When Cincinnati Made Celebrities Of Its Fat Men?

So fascinated was the public by feats of avoirdupois that the owners of the Cincinnati Post launched a nationwide hunt for America’s fattest man in 1914.

The Curse Of Hay Fever (Or Rose Cold, Summer Catarrh, Etc.)

It took centuries for medical science to figure out how allergies worked, much less how to alleviate their symptoms.

St. Clair’s Defeat: The Day Cincinnati Almost Died

Only a twist of fate saved Cincinnati from a massacre in the days following November 4, 1791.

How A Wad Of Chewing Gum Sealed Boss Cox’s Gambling Den

The intersection of Longworth Street and Central Avenue was the gateway to Cincinnati’s red-light district and the center of power for the notorious Eighteenth Ward. This was where George Barnsdale Cox, known as “Boss”...

Cincinnati Has Never Topped Records Set in the Heat Wave of 1934

It was the hottest day in Cincinnati history, during the hottest week in Cincinnati history and that torrid record still stands 85 years later. The summer of 1934 was a hot one all around...

Remembering The Poetry Of Neil Armstrong

The oeuvre of Neil Armstrong, poet, is slight, consisting as it does of only two published stanzas, and that bit of doggerel clouded by controversy. On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, here...

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: People Cross Roebling’s Bridge

A direct connection between Ohio and Kentucky that wasn’t at all direct.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: Two Colleges Are Born

Medical innovator Daniel Drake started the Medical College of Ohio and the Cincinnati College. Those two institutions eventually birthed the University of Cincinnati.