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Whither Cincinnati’s Erstwhile Wooden Tribe? The Demise Of The Cigar-Store Indian

In the 19th century, hundreds of the wooden statues stood along Cincinnati streets, but what happened to those tobacco-store totems?

Poppycock And Bunkum: Here Are 19 Myths That Cincinnati Refuses To Give Up

Did Mark Twain really say Cincinnati was behind the times? Did Carrie Nation smash any saloons here? Do munchkins live at Mt. Rumpke? Learn the truth behind these and other local myths.

Beware of Bumble Bees: A Collection of Old Wives’ Tales From Cincinnati In 1859

Some of these old tales and superstitions are still popular, if not actually believed, today.

Back In The Day, You Might Have Thought Everyone In Cincinnati Loved Fred C....

Remembering when the development tycoon and father of an American president dipped his toes into the Cincinnati real estate market.

For Poetry Month, We Salute 18 Renowned Cincinnati Poets From Days Gone By

To recognize Cincinnati’s extensive contributions to the genre, learn more about local poets who achieved distinction.

Remember When A Monfort Heights Literary Society Spawned A Township War?

Temperance arguments and anti-German sentiment nearly sparked violence at a modest Green Township schoolhouse.

The Seedy History of Northern Kentucky

Business boomed and corruption ran rampant during Prohibition, back when the region’s propensity for vice built a Sin City reputation.

A Cincinnati Society Bought An Exploding Slapstick, With Unsurprising Results

These super-charged comedic devices—some loaded with .32 caliber blanks—could prove lethal.

Refrigeration Was A Wonderful Invention When It Wasn’t Trying To Kill You

Early attempts at iceless refrigeration brought now-known-to-be-deadly chemicals into Cincinnati homes.

A Long-Forgotten Divorce Case Recalls Cincinnati’s Strong German Heritage

This vignette from a Cincinnati courtroom reminds us that German influence extended beyond the Over-the-Rhine district.