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16 Curious Facts About Cincinnati’s Lost Inclines

Our hilly city once boasted five inclines to Price Hill, Fairview, Bellevue, Mt. Auburn, and Mt. Adams. Here are some lesser-known facts about them.

How Platt Evens Started Cincinnati Shopping

Crowds would gather at Platt Evens's Main Street haberdashery in the mid-1800s just to look through the plate glass windows.

Cincinnati’s Civil War General Hal Young Was a Happy Bachelor

Hal Young's marriages led to divorces that overflowed with infidelity, spiritualist séances, voodoo, horsewhipping, prostitution, and chicanery.

How Pansy Williams Beguiled Cincinnati’s Deaf Saloonist

The partying and quarreling of Cincinnati saloonkeeper William Geiger and Pansy Williams made the couple local celebrities in 1889.

Cincinnati’s Violet Honeymooners and Their Scarlet Divorce

A public divorce between Augustine Ogden and Ernest Drewitz (aka the Violet Honeymooners) aired salacious-for-its-time dirty laundry in the early 1900s.

Cincinnati’s Strange Fascination With Japanese Weddings

Before 1910, Cincinnati's Asian population was extremely small and almost exclusively Chinese. Still, the city had a 30-year obsession with Japanese wedding ceremonies.

Cincinnati’s Cure for Sickly Children: Open-Air Schools

In the 1900s, Cincinnati Public Schools implemented open-air classrooms to fight infectious disease like tuberculosis, even during winter.

After Killing Hamilton, Aaron Burr Fled to Cincinnati and Plotted Treason

After Aaron Burr murdered Alexander Hamilton, he passed through Cincinnati several times as he plotted against the United States.

Harry Spindler’s Journey from Wild Drummer to Wild Kingdom

Cincinnati’s first jazz bandleader, Harry Spindler, eventually became the city’s go-to expert on collecting and selling exotic animals.

Remember When the Air Force Practiced Nuclear War Over Cincinnati?

From the mid-1950s into the 1960s, sonic booms were an amazing and annoying regular occurrence in Cincinnati skies.