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Our Future Is Female 2022

Cal Cullen Makes Waves

Spreading Cullen’s Wave Pool model far and wide could help improve communities through art.

Colleen Houston Paints Cincinnati’s Empty Walls

The ArtWorks CEO and artistic director is engaging community and beautifying the city one mural at a time.

Julie Brehm Challenges Health Taboos

Postpartum moms turn to the TriHealth pelvic health physical therapist for help with a sensitive issue. 

Candace McGraw Watches the Sky

The CVG CEO reshapes Cincinnati into a global hub for passengers and cargo.

Charmaine McGuffey Creates a Lasting Legacy

Elected Hamilton County Sheriff in 2020, McGuffey is one of only three women to hold the title in the state and the first openly gay sheriff in Ohio.

Elizabeth Blackburn Shows Her Stripes

A new generation directs the Bengals’ strategy and engagement. 

Tyra Patterson Breaks Down Barriers

Free after two decades of wrongful imprisonment, Patterson drives change at the intersection of art and social justice. 

Mary Wineberg Runs a Different Race

The Olympic gold medalist turned teacher won a seat on the Cincinnati Public Schools board last fall.

Jill Meyer Steers Our Economic Future

With Meyer at the helm of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, businesses have a relentless advocate.

Rachel DesRochers Bakes in Collaboration

The creator of Grateful Grahams uses her Incubator Kitchen Collective to reshape Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial scene.