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The Eyes Have It

I’ve tamed nearsightedness, but now I can’t see close up either. Metaphor alert!

The Cat Has My Back

Raising an outdoor cat is preparing me for my eventual empty nest.

The Sound of Graying

How to navigate the personal and public politics of hair.

Oh Brother

Why my daughter will come to appreciate her annoying brother someday.

It’s Fun to Stray at the YMCA

Revisiting the past reaffirms that everything used to be something else.

Emily Henry Is in a Happy Writing Place

The successful New York Times best-selling novelist talks about her new book, her writing process, and her love for Cincinnati.

My Life in Maple Trees

Reflecting on faithful companions and deep-rooted connections.

Iceland To Go

How a place with the wrong name has the right idea about life.

New Ways to Get Old

Do wisdom and confidence have to come at the cost of relevance?

Step Up to the Plate

I don’t know much about baseball, but I’m a big fan of suburban city council meetings.