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Curtis Sittenfeld’s New Novel Reimagines Hillary Clinton

The acclaimed Cincinnati-born novelist Curtis Sittenfeld takes readers on the ultimate “What if...” journey in her new novel, Rodham.

In Defense of the Selfie

Selfies look like the very expression of narcissism, but our columnist argues that maybe these images mean just a little bit more.

How Books and Cats Helped Me Figure Out Who I Was Meant to Be

Written words and furry friends boosted me along the journey to figuring out who I was meant to be.

How to Make Honesty Matter in a Post-Truth World

If you want to rail against dishonesty in others, hold yourself accountable first.

My Freelance River Dance

Working as a full-time freelance writer is a negotiation between effort and luck.

My Life as a Kentucky Buckeye

Raised in Northern Kentucky with a majority of my adult life spent in Ohio, which side do I tie my identity to?

The Upside of Entropy

You can intervene in all kinds of ways—and we do every day—but as far as nature is concerned, it’s a series of one-way streets to a common destination: futility.

An Honest Conversation about Privilege and Entitlement

Trying to have an honest conversation about privilege and entitlement.

Social Media Versus Physical Activity: #gtramp Offers Both

Can kids teach themselves how to do a back flip on the trampoline by watching a video on Instagram or YouTube? How about a double or triple back flip? As a former gymnast and...

Knowing When to Click ‘Unfollow’ on Social Media

I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, and sometimes all the un-knowing of each other isn’t something I want to hold on a tiny screen in my hand.