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Sick of the Complaints

Pardon me while I complain about my family’s complainers. Be thankful you’re not us.

How to Live to Be 86

Searching for wisdom while navigating between two very different generations.

Cincinnati’s Running Clubs Offer Something for Everyone

If you're looking for some company while walking or running around Greater Cincinnati, check out these local clubs.

Was I Part of the Gymnastics Abuse Problem?

Ten years ago, I quit being a gymnastics judge, partly because of a growing sense something sinister was going on.

Julie Coppens Is a Serial Boomerang

“I knew this was where I needed to be again, for now.”

Can Our Children Ever Feel Blissfully, Daringly Untrackable Like We Were?

We roamed free during our GenX childhoods; but our children, holed up in their rooms, explore an aspect of the world we didn’t know about in 1984.

Overcoming Fear and Remembering to Just Let Go and Move

Though helpful in its ability to keep us away from danger, fear isn’t a good running companion. That's when I realized that I just needed to let go and start moving.

Phil Zumdick Takes Care of a Local Cemetery

What does a sexton do? For Phil Zumdick, who takes care of Mother of God Cemetery in Ft. Wright, it’s a helping profession.

Rev. Olivia Hamilton Ministers to Children and Families

At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program, Rev. Olivia Hamilton helps people make sense of difficult situations through faith.

How My Patio String Lights Helped Me Huddle Against the Storm of 2020

When you have a year of missing so many things, you fixate on having one piece of something magical. And lights, to me, were magical.