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An Honest Conversation about Privilege and Entitlement

Trying to have an honest conversation about privilege and entitlement.

Social Media Versus Physical Activity: #gtramp Offers Both

Can kids teach themselves how to do a back flip on the trampoline by watching a video on Instagram or YouTube? How about a double or triple back flip? As a former gymnast and...

Knowing When to Click ‘Unfollow’ on Social Media

I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, and sometimes all the un-knowing of each other isn’t something I want to hold on a tiny screen in my hand.

Reconsidering the Meaning Behind the House I Grew up In

I haven’t seen Mr. and Mrs. Eismann in decades, but as soon as they answer the door I am 10 years old again, coming to play with their daughter Darlene, my childhood best friend....

Traveling With Kids Is Such a Trip

Travel helps you see the world through their eyes, for better or worse.

Welcome To Middlehood: A Deal With My Dead Dad

I'm still seeking fatherly advice from beyond the grave.

Getting Rid of What’s Not Worth Worrying About, With Swear Words

When you give a fuck about too many things, you can’t focus on giving a fuck only about the things that bring you joy or truly matter. In the same way you tackle your wild sock drawer, you have to systematically go through all the fucks you’re giving, sort them into piles, and throw away the ones sapping your energy for absolutely no good reason.

Family Trips and Potato Chips: Connecting with Cousins

Whether it was graduations (someone was always matriculating), the Ketteler picnic (my dad’s side), or the Seiler Reunion (my mom’s), being with my cousins in the summer came to equal a kind of freedom.

Quantity or Quality? The Give and Take of Modern Medicine

In this lifetime, we diagnose, we intervene, and we make life better. So why does it feel so much like we’re fucking up the end game?

What We Take into Adulthood – and Pass on to Our Children

What I can’t decide now is whether I want my 7-year-old daughter to walk the same path as me. Maybe I could save her from it.