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This Mini Megillah is Ready for Its Close-Up

Reading glasses are a must-have for this pocket-sized story.

The Ark Encounter, By The Numbers

It's a business venture with a price tag of biblical proportions.

Meet The City’s One-Stop Shop For Refugee Resettlement

Since 2009, Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio (CCSWO) has resettled 1,195 people from countries all over the world, including Bhutan (which has sent the most people), Cuba, Rwanda, Iraq, and yes, Syria.

Heavenly Apps

A look at the link between technology and the churches that use it to their advantage.

Course Correction

Extremist groups and political bloviating have steered Islamic progress in America off track. Roula Allouch sets the record straight.

The Kids Stay In The Picture

Interfaith justice coalition The AMOS Project takes aim at structural racism by empowering the impoverished and demanding preschool education.

Open the Doors and See All the People

Ever wondered what goes on inside the sanctuaries of your fellow Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and Orthodox Christians? Come in. Sit down. And learn how we worship.

Come Together

In 2010, financial hardships required four parishes to merge, threatening to alienate longtime members. Today, Church of the Resurrection can see the light.

The Show Must Go On

What does it take to put on Awaited, Crossroads’s stylish retelling of the birth of Christ? Hundreds of dedicated staff and volunteers, thousands of eager audience members, and a bottomless well of ambition.

Houses of the Holy

Gladstone Community Church fully embraces the phrase “church family,” though not without some controversy.

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