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What’s New at Midpoint 2017?

Three of the big names on the bill are Canadian. Has Justin Trudeau secretly been consulting?

King Records Month Packs A Year’s Worth of Devotion Into A Few Weeks

It will take every day of the month to conjure up the bigness that was “The King of the Independents.”

Ginseng: A New Kind of Cash Crop

Ginseng is a staple of herbal medicine from China to Appalachia. It even grows in Hamilton County. But be careful who you tell. A detour into the world of illegal ginseng poaching.

Long Weekend: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Among the banjos, bikes, and chili peppers of a great Tennessee river town.

Condiment Queens

Your pickle relish doesn’t have a following. And it’s not like Heinz 57 gets people out of bed on a Saturday morning to sing its praises. But Händlmaier’s mustard is another story altogether, a...

Is Dayton The World Capital of Funk?

With a royal lineage like the Ohio Players, Slave, Zapp, and Junie Morrison in the history books, it’s hard to deny. But can so much musical sweat be contained in a Gem City Funk Hall of Fame? We’ll know when they tear the roof off the sucker.

Cincinnati After Dark: Philip Paul On Keeping Cincinnati Awake For Seven Decades And Counting

Philip Paul isn’t just the great King Records house drummer: He’s been playing in the city’s nightclubs longer than almost any other musician.

Taste Test: Ice Cream

Some assignments are solo flights, while others are best done en masse. Surveying the best house-made ice cream is far too much for one writer.

Trey Radel’s Fast Times on Capitol Hill

Trey Radel was a mouthy, rap-loving, Tea Party–endorsed Congressman who was on his way up until a coke bust derailed his ascent. But as his new book 'Democrazy' makes clear, he has plenty more to say.

They vs. Them

What a recent shooting at Our Daily Bread reveals about the changes in OTR.