Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes

Whether you’re shopping secondhand for the aesthetic, the environment, or the deals, dozens of vintage and antiques dealers can meet your needs.

By Lauren Fisher, Claire Lefton, Kane Mitten, and Amanda Boyd Walters

Shopping Pound for Pound

Thrift outlets can be overwhelming when items are piled in bins and priced by the pound. But there are treasures to be found if you’re willing to dig.

Faces of Vintage: Nigel Agboh, The Couture Converter

Agboh and his team at Jet Black Vintage take upcycling to the next level.

Editor’s Letter: On Vintage and Antiques

Editor-in-Chief John Fox discusses what "vintage" means as we grow older.

Poppin’ Tags at the Thrift Shop

These thrift emporiums are the traditional go-tos for bargain hunters and vintage pickers alike.

Face of Vintage: Maria Johnson, The Style Remixer

The owner of Disco Tits Vintage curates her campy aesthetic with pieces from around the world.

Stores for the Pickiest of Pickers

If you’re looking for something very specific, these spots have what you need.

To The Vintage Market!

What’s better than wandering through a flea (or flea-inspired) market on a summer day? Wandering through four of them.

The Unusual Suspects of Vintage Shopping

Some of the smaller and more niche spots for vintage goods in Cincinnati.

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