71 comfortable places to raise a glass and raise your spirits.

Human beings long for connection, and we find it in the places we gather: school, church, work, the gym, and, yes, the bar. Scattered throughout our neighborhoods are those welcoming spots, places where strangers can become friends, where the day’s troubles are eased, where people come together in support—for a team, a cause, each other. Grab a seat. We’ll buy you a drink.

By John Fox, Claire Lefton, Aiesha D. Little, and Amanda Boyd Walters

Photography by Lance Adkins

Edited by Amanda Boyd Walters

Downtown/ OTR/

Downtown/ OTR/Mt. Adams

Bars in the heart of the city.



Where to grab a drink in centrally located areas like Reading, Norwood, and Pleasant Ridge.



The prime watering holes of eastern neighborhoods like Milford, Hyde Park, and Madeira.



The West Side's best drinking spots.



The bars of the 'Burbs.



Southern sports that serve beer, bourbon, and beyond.


Apartment Bars

These watering holes inside (or adjacent to) residential buildings have a built-in roster of regulars for whom “going out” means staying in.

Name Game

Name Game

We looked into some of the area’s eponymous establishments and found some interesting history.

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