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Dr. Know: Forgotten Symphonies, “Susie Cincinnati,” and the Man Behind the Illustrations

The good doctor ponders puzzling issues, like Cincinnati's connection to the first live radio symphony, discovering who "Susie Cincinnati" was, and introducing the artist behind this column's illustrations.

Dr. Know: Radio Names, Another Roadside Memorial, and That Big Indian Sign

The good doctor explores puzzling issues, including the girl named after the radio station, a mystery plaque, and a problematic sign.

Freak of Nature

Life can blindside you if you’re not paying attention. So can the weather, as Cincinnati was reminded in 2008.

Dr. Know: Columbia Parkway Driveways, Jimi Hendrix Memorabilia, and U-Turns

The good doctor delves into puzzling issues, like pulling out of Columbia Parkway driveways, the value of memorabilia from a Jimi Hendrix concert at Xavier, and making a proper U-turn.

Dr. Know: Charley’s Crab, Interstate Signs, and Stagge’s Corner

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including memorializing old restaurants, highway graffiti, and a nearly hidden plaque in Kenwood.

A Radar Love Story

I acquired an Escort Radar Receiver—universally considered the world’s best—as a gift from Mike Valentine, the guy who helped invent it.

Dr. Know: An Old School, Area Codes, and Racist Behavior

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including Madeira’s original schoolhouse, 10-digit dialing, and broken glass in city pools.

Dr. Know: Hollow Earth, Stars of David, and Demolished Covington

The good doctor explores questionable scientific theories, the meanings of a six-pointed star, and what the IRS Center replaced.

This Old House Has a Heck of a Story

If you live, or once lived, in a musty old Cincinnati money pit of a house, make sure to check out its history.

Dr. Know: 1974 Opening Day, a Peculiar Dentist Sign, and Ku Klux Klothes

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including streaks and streakers, dentophobia, and a racist clothier.