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Dr. Know: Hollow Earth, Stars of David, and Demolished Covington

The good doctor explores questionable scientific theories, the meanings of a six-pointed star, and what the IRS Center replaced.

This Old House Has a Heck of a Story

If you live, or once lived, in a musty old Cincinnati money pit of a house, make sure to check out its history.

Dr. Know: 1974 Opening Day, a Peculiar Dentist Sign, and Ku Klux Klothes

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including streaks and streakers, dentophobia, and a racist clothier.

Dr. Know: Time Zones, News Anchor Closeness, and a Sunken Stadium

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including Eastern Standard Time, the space between married news anchors, and the long-gone Parkway Arena.

The History of Cincinnati’s Finest, Freakiest, and Fakest Parade—WEBN’s Fool’s Parade

WEBN’s Fool’s Parade took over Hyde’s Meadow every March 32 for an astonishing 23 years. And no one saw a thing.

Dr. Know: Street Horses, a Baldwin Fire, and Antoinette Avenue

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including equine transportation, what burned when, and flat-topped houses.

Should We Be Proud That Cincinnati Pioneered Invasive Music?

In 1947, Cincinnati's Transit Radio, Inc. proposed that radios be installed in city buses so passengers could enjoy music (and commercials) while riding, but the hype didn't last long.

Dr. Know: A Cartoon Intersection, Clifton Heights Development, and So Long Skywalk

We explore troubling issues, including a peculiar intersection in Madisonville, the evolution of a former nightclub, and the purpose of Skywalks.

Dr. Know: Mysterious Pipes, Forgotten Innovations, and Cardboard Cutouts

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including the pipes venting our water system, a defunct fire alarm system, and the fate of those flat Reds fans.

My Brushes With Fame

It's always a thrill to meet someone famous. From Pink Floyd's Roger Waters to The Brady Bunch's Barry Williams to Jerry Springer, here are my stories.