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Should We Be Proud That Cincinnati Pioneered Invasive Music?

In 1947, Cincinnati's Transit Radio, Inc. proposed that radios be installed in city buses so passengers could enjoy music (and commercials) while riding, but the hype didn't last long.

Dr. Know: A Cartoon Intersection, Clifton Heights Development, and So Long Skywalk

We explore troubling issues, including a peculiar intersection in Madisonville, the evolution of a former nightclub, and the purpose of Skywalks.

Dr. Know: Mysterious Pipes, Forgotten Innovations, and Cardboard Cutouts

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including the pipes venting our water system, a defunct fire alarm system, and the fate of those flat Reds fans.

My Brushes With Fame

It's always a thrill to meet someone famous. From Pink Floyd's Roger Waters to The Brady Bunch's Barry Williams to Jerry Springer, here are my stories.

Dr. Know: Hyde Park Square Kroger, the World Cup, and More Happy Holidays

This month’s questions for Dr. Know touch on a pocket-sized supermarket, the chances FIFA will take us seriously, and round two of the “War on Christmas.”

Dr. Know: Phone Numbers, Rooftop Decorations, and a Grumpy Enquirer Columnist

The good doctor explores troubling issues, including the local phone number that's been in service longest, what's on top of the Gwynne Building, and Bob Brumfield's distaste for The Beatles.

Dr. Know: Kennedy’s Plate, Norwood’s CDK Global Building, and Prominent Streets

This month’s questions for Dr. Know touch on a commemorative plate, CDK Global’s actual territory, and Kroger Street.

My 21-Day Steakout

Why did I go to the same downtown restaurant for three weeks? Big Klu, that’s why.

Dr. Know: The Human Fly, Leaf Laws, and Another Local Answer Guy

Dr. Know explores troubling issues, including the “human fly” on Fountain Square, when and how to dispose of leaves, and WVXU-FM's “OKI Wanna Know.”

Did Cincinnati Invent Statue Cancel Culture in 1872?

Did Cincinnati invent statue cancel culture when a marble bust of Abraham Lincoln got removed from a West End park in 1872?