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Dr. Know: Spoilers, Married Houses, and Exclusionary Practices

The good doctor investigates an interesting movie theater flyer, houses turned funeral home, and long-lasting discriminatory newspaper ads.

Dr. Know: A Lone Home, Mt. Lookout Square, and a Mysterious Sword

The good doctor investigates the last home left standing in Lick Run Greenway, the mystery of Mt. Lookout Square’s zip code, and a mysterious family heirloom.

Living in Cin: Jerry Springer and Me

I spent two years working with one of the world's most famous people, but both of us were mostly invisible.

Dr. Know: Nudist Colonies, Keys To The City, And Lost SCPA Students

The good doctor sleuths out a database of proclamations, mysterious sidewalk stickers, and Cincinnatians baring it all.

Dr. Know: Birth of Cosplay, Vanishing Exits, and Vintage Venues

The good doctor examines the Cincinnati origins of cosplay, a perpetually closed exit ramp, and a lost concert venue by City Hall.

Multi-Instrumentalist Paul Patterson Is the Real Deal

Paul Patterson’s musical range is staggering and, for me, slightly embarrassing.

Dr. Know: Casa Colina, Jerry or Perry Samuels, and the Benton Street Bridge

The good doctor investigates a brightly painted home in Price Hill, the home city of Jerry Samuels, and inspiration behind the Benton Street Bridge.

Dr. Know: Building Beehives, “Grosley” Radios, and Jerry Springer’s FM Show

The good doctor takes a dive into the stories behind a mysterious beehive, when a ”Grosley” radio rode on the Queen Mary, and the late Jerry Springer’s radio show.

Bot Really, Folks: An AI Analysis of Greater Cincinnati

I asked ChatGPT about Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. It didn’t go well.

Dr. Know: TV Truths, A Loyal Star, And 15 Minutes of Fame Overshadowed

The good doctor investigates the shuffling of local TV stations, just how local a beloved Cincinnati sports celebrity is, and how a bird stole the glory.