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Meet the Two Congressional Candidates Trying to Unseat Steve Chabot

Nikki Foster of Mason and Kate Schroder of Clifton are running in the Democratic primary for Ohio’s 1st Congressional District to fight for better access to healthcare.

Cincinnati’s First Hollywood Star Has Attracted a Whole New Generation of Fans

As Cincinnati’s very first Hollywood star and an icon of the silent movie era, Theda Bara is finally making noise as she attracts a new generation of fans.

Paul Anderson Has Been Working the Anderson Ferry For 58 Years

Paul Anderson has been working the ferry since he was 14, when he got an after-school job as a deck hand for then-owner Henry Kottmyer.

The Crosley Brand Will Be With Us for Years to Come

The Crosley brand is still used to sell electronics, appliances, and home goods, recalling the glory days of Powel and Lewis Crosley’s manufacturing powerhouse.

Can Human-Centered Design Find Solutions to Tough Problems?

This form of design, practiced by Madisonville-based Design Impact, aims to help communities and institutions solve problems collaboratively, with empathy.

Are Stem Cell Treatments a Type of Miracle Cure or Snake Oil?

Stem cells have taken on a mythic promise. A new crop of stem cell treatments might be nothing more than costly placebos—or possibly dangerous.

Sole Bros Are High School Kids Trying to Make a Difference

By providing new and gently used sneakers for kids in need anywhere in the world, these teens give kids kicks and confidence.

Amber Gray Is Following in the Footsteps of Her Papa, Civil Rights Leader Benjamin...

Amber Gray got a second chance at life, and now she's following the advice of her famous great-grandfather, civil rights leader Benjamin Hooks.

How a Local Family Found Itself at the Center of the National Covington Catholic...

When Michael Hodge and his family found themselves at the center of an internet firestorm, they made something good out of all the negativity.

The History Behind Ohio and Northern Kentucky’s Friendly Rivalry

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have shared, swiped, traded, bargained, and blamed ever since the first settlers drifted down the Ohio River.

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