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Justin Brookhart Really Wants to Surprise You at BLINK 2022

BLINK's executive director faces multiple challenges as he crafts the 2022 event, including experiencing it himself in person for the first time.

Pavan Parikh Is a Clerk of Many Hats

He holds court on developing new information technology and the importance of paying attention to local government.

Coffee Means Cameron

Means Cameron is using coffee to create space for Cincinnati’s Black creatives.

Keith Josef Adkins and the World Premiere of The West End

Cincinnati native Keith Josef Adkins explores a changing neighborhood in his World War II era play, which opens the Playhouse’s season.

Cincinnati Ballet and Its Artistic Director Are Making Moves

Cincinnati Ballet and its outgoing artistic director Victoria Morgan look to their next chapters.

Peg Wyant Talks Breaking Gender Barriers in New Memoir

In 1968, Peg Wyant became the first female brand manager at P&G. She didn’t stop there.

Asha Ama Bias-Daniels Uses Design to Explore Identity

Asha Ama Bias-Daniels, the Taft Museum of Art’s 2021 Duncanson Artist-in-Residence, will display her creativity and help others find their own during programs scheduled for April 12–26.

Jed Portman Rediscovers the Midwest

Jed Portman’s Midwesterner newsletter celebrates the surprisingly diverse food culture of “flyover country.”

Using the Enneagram at Work

The meme-tastic personality typing system known as the Enneagram has found a foothold in the business world, helping to build productivity and empathy.

The Cincinnati Zoo Has a New Social Media Star: Andie Panda

Meet zookeeper Andie Haugen (a.k.a. Andie Panda), who lights up TikTok with her passion for animals and for conservation.