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Cincinnati’s Ill-Fated 1879 Marriage Picnic

On August 10, 1879, 5,000 paying spectators converged on Inwood Park to eat, drink beer, and watch prostitutes get married.

How Caroline Shawk Brooks Became a National Butter Sculpture Sensation in the Late 1800s

After her husband's cotton crop failed in 1867, she looked to butter as a way to maintain a steady income.

Who Set the Bomb at St. Xavier Church?

A Cincinnati election in 1875 fanned anti-Catholic flames and a newspaper war, and might have led to a downtown church attack.

Why Can’t We Divert Traffic Under the Ohio River?

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky leaders have debated building a tunnel under the Ohio River to connect Cincinnati and Covington for almost 200 years.

A Cincinnati Printer Published Mark Twain’s ‘Pornography’

It wasn’t one of the Mark Twain’s best works and consisted mostly of Elizabethan-era discussion of flatulence.

Cincinnati’s Gas Company Blocked Natural Gas for Decades

Andy Hickenlooper demonstrated the power of monopolies back in the late 1800s and early 1900s with his Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company.

In 1887, Cincinnati Fans Really Did Try to Kill the Umpire

On one hot August day in 1887, Cincinnati Red Stockings fans got so riled up the umpire had to flee for his life and only a police escort saved him.

These Vintage April Fools Day Tricks Show How Casually Cruel Our Ancestors Could Be

How far back did Cincinnati endure April Fools hoaxes? Pretty far back, as it turns out—all the way to 1849.

Cincinnati’s 1878 Quarantine Saved Thousands of Lives

A strict lockdown of travel and shipping earned Cincinnati’s Health Commissioner, Thomas C. Minor, short-term scorn and long-term gratitude.

Cincinnati Once Declared ‘No Irish Need Apply’

Irish immigrants were held in the same low regard as freed slaves in the decades following the Civil War.