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A Cincinnati Health Officer’s Plan To License ‘Ladies Of The Evening’ Ends In Grief

In 1900, there was an attempt to legalize sex work in Cincinnati. It did not end well.

From Grocer’s Itch To Milk Leg: 17 Antique Diseases That Once Tormented Cincinnatians

Cincinnatians endured many diseases we don’t hear about anymore. Here are a few of them.

Without Booze Or Ballyhoo, The Fall Festival Thrilled Cincinnati A Century Ago

You might know Oktoberfest, but have you heard of Cincinnati's fall festival?

Who Died First? A German Torpedo And An Irish Autopsy Roil A Cincinnati Courtroom

Almost every major event in history seems to have a curious Cincinnati connection—and the Lusitania is no different.

He Fought At Little Big Horn And A Cincinnati Artist Made His Face Famous

Chief Ogallala Fire, known to some as Indian Joe, was immortalized as a war hero by a local Cincinnati artist.

Cincinnatian James Ruggles Created A “Universal Language” But No One Listened

Although touted as based on a simplified system of spelling and grammar, the Universal Language was nearly impossible to read or speak.

Remembering The Long-Forgotten Clermont County Gold Rush Of 1868

The local gold rush of 1868 was hardly noticeable outside a handful of incurable optimists, but gold was undoubtedly in the eastern hills.

Westward Ho! Cincinnati Men Caught The California Gold Fever In 1849

Cincinnati was fully possessed by visions of riches, but those seeking their fortune often discovered panning for gold was not exactly as advertised.

Some Large And Exquisite Diamonds Were Discovered In The Cincinnati Area

Let us know when you dig up something this shiny in your backyard.

Our Grandparents Espoused Some Curious Requirements For Their Ideal Mates

How does your better half stack up to these Victorian-era stipulations?