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Who Would You Least Expect To Find At An 1871 Sabbath-School Picnic In Cincinnati?

At an 1871 picnic, the church elders discovered, to their surprise, a real, live madam, accompanied by one of her prostitutes. What to do?

The Immoral Lures Of Cincinnati’s Public Library

The big concern about the Public Library was the ability of men and women to meet in the alcoves to plot sexual escapades of unimaginable depravity. Seriously.

The Oddest Block In Cincinnati Disappeared A Century Ago

This block of Vine Street, now dominated by the Kroger building on the east and a Skyline on the west, was a living time capsule in 1921.

Arnold’s Bar & Grill Is Older Than You Think

There is no place quite like Arnold’s in all of Cincinnati, and over decades of repetition, the origin story has remained consistent. But is it right?

Howard Ayers Brought A Reign Of Turmoil To The University Of Cincinnati

In the Archives of the University of Cincinnati rests a curious bronze plaque describing Howard Ayers as the “Father of the University of Cincinnati,” which he most certainly was not. If anything, he came darn close to pitching the University of Cincinnati into chaos.

A Prostitute And A Scientist Walked Into A Cincinnati Courtroom…

In 1878 Cincinnati, the prostitute won.

Cincinnati’s First Tattoo Parlor Opened 110 Years Ago

Until 1908, Cincinnatians hoping to acquire a tattoo needed to wait for a tattoo artist to wander into town.

Reluctantly, Cincinnati Warmed Up to Tattoos

Tattoos might have been strange and abominable, but Cincinnatians loved to gawk at strange and abominable.

There’s A Sordid And Salacious Backstory To Beautiful Devou Park

The view from Devou Park in Covington is magnificent, but very few sightseers stop to ponder how much their delight was paid for through prostitution and slum tenements.

Along With Sophistication, Dudes Invaded Cincinnati In The 1880s

Dudes arrived around the time we realized that Cincinnati was no longer a frontier backwater. The Queen City, they opined, was getting civilized – maybe too darn civilized.