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Cincinnati Once Believed Radium Could Cure Anything, If Only We Could Afford It

Salesmen (and the press) learned that tonics labeled "radium," once the most expensive substance on Earth, flew off the shelves. Meanwhile, scientists scrambled to learn what the radioactive material actually does.

The Curious (And Explosive) History Of Cincinnati’s First Steam Fire Engine

The story behind two of Cincinnati's eruptive (in more ways than one) fire-fighting claims to fame.

How Did A Court Jester From The Ottoman Empire End Up Buried In Cincinnati?

Known as the "Turkish Tom Thumb," Hayeti Hassid traveled the world and ultimately came to rest in Price Hill.

The Forgotten Muckraker Who Inspired UC To Start A Football Team

You may not know the name David Graham Phillips, but the investigative journalist proved instrumental to the founding of our beloved Bearcats football team.

City Of Lost Children: The Heyday Of Cincinnati’s Town Criers

Town criers rang bells and shouted “Oyez” in Cincinnati almost until the dawn of the 20th century.

According to Employers, It Seems Like No One Ever Wanted to Work in Cincinnati

"No one wants to work anymore" is a popular meme these days, and it's a sentiment that has echoed through Cincinnati history for nearly 200 years.

Archery Was Cincinnati’s Hottest High-Society Fad in 1880

Cincinnati was the virtual center of the archery universe, and some of the wealthiest families in our fair city drove the obsession.

The Brief And Curious Life Of Cincinnati’s First Astronomical Observatory

Did Jared Mansfield really establish the nation's first astronomical lookout in Northside forty years before the founding of our magnificent Observatory?

Whither the Ubiquitous Cuspidors of Cincinnati’s Yesteryear?

Brass spittoons were still on display in local office buildings and courthouses into the 1950s.

Legendary Boxer John L. Sullivan Won a Championship in Cincinnati

The world’s most famous athlete of the late 1800s visited the Queen City frequently, occasionally getting into trouble.