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The Great Dying: Cincinnati Endures The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

One hundred years ago, more than 2,200 Cincinnatians died from a disease known then as “Spanish Flu.”

Airdomes: Open-Air Ancestors Of Cincinnati’s Drive-Ins

Cincinnati’s last airdome sputtered into obscurity around 1929.

Lombardy Flats: The Enduring Charms of a Hannaford Novelty

In 1880s America, there were basically three urban housing options: mansions with a full allotment of servants for the affluent, residential hotels for the merely well-to-do, and tenements for the great unwashed. The Emery brothers built Cincinnati’s first apartment buildings with suites of three to five rooms all on one floor.

Gore, Porn, and Opera: Cincinnati’s Original Penny Arcades

Penny arcades were cesspools of depravity. Who knew?

That European Custom, Tipping, Slowly Invaded Cincinnati

It might appear that the custom of tipping your server at a restaurant or the concierge at your hotel is an ancient tradition, but that is not so. In Cincinnati, tipping was uncommon before 1900....

Cincinnati Snakes! And Thereby Hangs A Tale (Or Tail)

Cincinnati is not usually known as a big snake town, but over the years the area has generated a significant anthology of unusual snake stories.

Oliver Wallace’s Marine Car Was Unbelievable! (But It Was Not His Only Scam)

Wallace may not have actually invented a revolutionary aquatic vehicle, but he certainly pioneered the promotion of vaporware.

The Jinx Of Robinson’s Opera House

It’s a wonder that an old circus man like John Robinson built an Opera House with 13 windows on each floor. What was he thinking?

Reckless (But Not Wreck-less) Speedsters Attacked Paddock Road Hill

Speed demons terrorizing a public street. Pedestrians scattering. Out-of-control vehicles swerving at the last second. A precious little dog killed by motorists achieving unprecedented speeds.

In 1918, Cincinnati Tried (And Failed) To Ban Fireworks

As one might expect, the fireworks ban was honored more in the breech than in the observance.