10 Events

10 EventsThat Shaped Our City

Can you recognize the moments that make history? There are anniversaries, firsts and lasts (and onlys), but there are other events that leave their own marks. A tent pitched at the mouth of a river. A bridge between the North and the South. Thunder and lightning. An election lost—or won. The ring of a telephone. The sound of a gunshot. Knit together, these 10 actions altered the course of our city’s history. What will be the moments that create our future?

The 10 Events

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: Settlers Make Camp on the Ohio River

The families who arrived here didn’t discover this place, but their presence changed the river valley forever.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: Two Colleges Are Born

Medical innovator Daniel Drake started the Medical College of Ohio and the Cincinnati College. Those two institutions eventually birthed the University of Cincinnati.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: People Cross Roebling’s Bridge

A direct connection between Ohio and Kentucky that wasn’t at all direct.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: May Festival Sings

A choral music concert launched our iconic Music Hall and Cincinnati’s arts world.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: P&G Advertises Ivory

Promoting a product in a national advertisement made P&G a groundbreaker and Cincinnati a hotbed for advertising and branding.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: Boss Cox Is Voted Down

As the city grew and spread, the public’s support for a political machine waned, and reformers seized the moment.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: Marian Spencer Calls Coney Island

Her sons wanted to visit an amusement park. When she picked up the phone, Marian Spencer launched her civil rights career.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: A Sheriff Candidate Gets Arrested

Police found George Ratterman in bed with a stripper, but instead of derailing his reform-minded campaign, the frame-up plot swept him into office and helped clean up Newport.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: Two Newspapers, One Joint Operating Agreement

The Post and The Enquirer agreed to share business and printing costs, but the resulting lack of competition left them both sitting ducks.

10 Events That Shaped Cincinnati: Timothy Thomas Is Shot and Killed

The death of a young, unarmed black man led to riots and a hard look at the practices of the Cincinnati Police Department. But has the Collaborative Agreement changed anything?

But What About?

Shaping Cincinnati: What About the Future?

Looking back, it’s easy to connect the dots between there and here. Looking forward, however, is a different matter.

Shaping Cincinnati: What About The Reds?

No team shaped this city’s psyche more than the 1970s Reds.