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Indianapolis Is Worth Your Weekend

Make like a Hoosier and check out what’s waiting for you just up I-74.

Acre Books May Be Small, But Its Titles Are Making a Big Splash

Based at UC, from the creator of The Cincinnati Review, this small press is bringing big talent to the page.

Wash Away Bathroom Battles with These Musical Soap Caps

Call it Pavlov’s hand washing: Your kid hits the special hand soap pump cover, and lights flash and music plays for 20–25 seconds (a.k.a., the amount of time that should be spent per hand...

These Cooking Classes Turn Kids into Masterchefs for a Night

Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio You get a break while your young one gets to it in the kitchen with chef Jaime Carmody. Courses run 2.5 hours and themes vary seasonally. Tasting sample: A late-December...

Make Learning Fun with These Four Local Authors’ Books

What is Soft? Illustrated By Erin Barker, Written By Susan Kantor The words and illustrations are just as gentle as the title would have you hoping. Cincinnati designer/illustrator Erin Barker paired her cozily colorful drawings with...

Inside Madcap Education Center’s New Building

The first weekend of November, Madcap puppets put on a show the size of its new home: face painting and balloon animal–making; tap, hip-hop, and musical dance classes; yoga; a puppet-creation Q&A; and more....

Conscious Kitchen Serves Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Comfort Food Classics

Conscious Kitchen has grown from a mostly takeout spot to a larger Corryville space with plenty of room to enjoy their healthier comfort food classics.

Meet the Blue Ash Man Who Collects and Sells Thousands of Healing Crystals

Thirty years ago, when he was just out of the Marine Corps, Gene Jackson nearly died flying face-first off a Harley into the side of a pickup truck in Oklahoma City. With an arm...

Shaping Cincinnati: What About Transportation?

When steamboats ruled the water, Cincinnati was queen. Prior to 1850, the river—and the canal system built off of it—made the city a significant center of commerce. But when industry chose railway over waterway,...

Get Your Art on at the Contemporary Arts Center

Archive as Action allows you to become a participant in the artists' experience.