Shaping Cincinnati: What About the Future?


Illustration by Matt Kenyon

Looking back, it’s easy to connect the dots between there and here. Looking forward, however, is a different matter. How do we contextualize more recent developments—is the founding of 3CDC in 2003 the moment OTR was reborn, or was it later, in 2008, when Lavomatic, the first restaurant in what was then called the Gateway Quarter, opened? Or later still, when Washington Park was rehabbed in 2012?

+ Cincinnati Magazine looks at 10 events that set the city on its path to today. See the full list here.

Did 2013’s Lumenocity spark a creative moment, or was it BLINK in 2017 that really helped us see the lights? What might be the far-reaching implications of John Cranley declaring this a Sanctuary City? And how will history record the election of Stephanie Dumas as county commissioner, making the majority female and the totality Democrat? It’s too soon to know if any of these events will rise to the historical significance of the 10 we identify here, so file this in a time capsule, and let’s revisit the list in 50 years.

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