The pandemic has certainly changed how we work. It also has some of us questioning why we work. We speak to a cross section of Cincinnatians about what their work means to them and the wider community, and how the pandemic has challenged those perceptions.

By Grace Dearing, John Fox, Judi Ketteler, Aiesha D. Little, Linda Vaccariello, and Rodney Wilson

Cathy Bernardino Bailey Leads the Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Cathy Bernardino Bailey started her career at the EPA, and now she keeps our water system moving as the Executive Director of Greater Cincinnati Water Works.

Rev. Olivia Hamilton Ministers to Children and Families

At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program, Rev. Olivia Hamilton helps people make sense of difficult situations through faith.

Phil Zumdick Takes Care of a Local Cemetery

What does a sexton do? For Phil Zumdick, who takes care of Mother of God Cemetery in Ft. Wright, it’s a helping profession.

Django Kroner Speaks for the Trees

He’s not really The Lorax, but with his company The Canopy Crew, Django Kroner builds treehouses that get people into the woods.

Editor’s Letter, February 2021: What Does It Mean to Work These Days?

Our February issue offers a snapshot of Cincinnati at work. Eleven people share what their work means to them and how the pandemic has impacted them.

Kelly Rectenwald Merges Chemistry and Anthropology as an Art Conservator

As the Cincinnati Art Museum's Associate Objects Conservator, Kelly Rectenwald is in charge of repairing and preserving the museum's 3-D objects.

Nicole Smith Makes Connections with the Homeless Through Her Work With GeneroCity513

At GeneroCity513, Nicole Smith collaborates with other nonprofit agencies to make our community a better place by serving the homeless.

Jazz Saxophonist Kayla Upthegrove Brings the Music

Jazz saxophonist Kayla Upthegrove expresses herself through music, which has been a challenge during the pandemic.

Inside Our Cincinnati At Work Issue: February 2021

Kelly Rectenwald from the Cincinnati Art Museum and Django Kroner from The Canopy Crew describe their work and what it means to them.

Travis and Susan Fessler Run Their Own Circus

Breathing fire is just part of the gig for Travis and Susan Fessler of PB and J Circus. They share how the pandemic has impacted their work and the worst and best parts of performing.

How to Measure the Value of Work During a Pandemic

The pandemic has certainly changed how we work. It also has us questioning why we work. Local professionals share how their perspectives have shifted.

Skylar Halpin Protects the Nation’s Health Through Her Family Plumbing Business

As the General Manager of Halpin Plumbing, Skylar Halpin is a third-generation plumber, a trade that’s essential to every part of our lives.

Chris Miday Helps People Rebuild Their Lives by Deconstructing Buildings

As part of Building Value’s efforts to train their clients in the construction trade, Chris Miday manages a team of deconstructors.

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