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Three Historic (and Scenic!) Bike Trails to Explore

Spin your wheels along these trails, all fit for a weekend getaway.

Road-Trip Your Way to a Winter Wonderland

Winterlights is the grand outdoor light show at Newfields, the new name for the Indianapolis Museum of Art and its 152-acre campus of gardens, outdoor sculpture, and nature.

Saddle Up at the Historic Kentucky Horse Park

This summer is the 40th anniversary of the Lexington equine theme park, a working horse farm that puts you up close to Kentucky’s proudest non-intoxicating product.

24 Best Stops Along the Little Miami Scenic Trail

If you know only a short stretch, you’re missing out. Now is the time to get acquainted with some favorite stops along the way.

Live Out Your Sports Dreams at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

You know the sprawling Children’s Museum of Indianapolis isn’t just for kids, right? So wear your comfortable shoes when you visit its new Sports Legends Experience.

Paleontologists from Around the World Take a Field Trip to Kentucky’s Creation Museum

Paleontology Professor Arnold Miller isn't taking his colleagues to the Creation Museum so they can laugh at it. He's taking them so they can't dismiss it.

#CM50: When We Were Very Young

In 1967, Cincinnati had two daily newspapers and no riverfront stadiums, school kids wrote essays in longhand, their parents could name every council member, and racial inequality stubbornly held sway. Ten notable Cincinnatians look through the lens of their own experiences to reflect on the city’s transformation—for better or worse.

Dracula Flies Into Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s New Theater

Zombies rule on TV, but they’ll never outshine vampires on stage. So Cincinnati Shakespeare Company will celebrate Halloween with the Emperor of Darkness—Dracula.

Cincy Obscura: The Goebel Goats

Trouble with rampant honeysuckle, riotous poison ivy, random roguery? The Goebel Girls are on the job.

Cincy Obscura: The Lodge

A couple of years ago, Walk the Moon spent six intense weeks on-site, writing songs and recording demos for their first album, and their website notes the building’s “secret rooms, ghosts, and taxidermy.”