Django Kroner Speaks for the Trees


He’s not really The Lorax, but as the owner of The Canopy Crew, Django Kroner builds treehouses that get people into the woods. Kroner and his team build custom treehouses around the country and offer epic treehouse rentals in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. The company also provides tree care services, including pruning, removal, insect inspection, and more. Kroner shares the best and worst parts about his job for our February 2021 Cincinnati At Work issue.




Owner, The Canopy Crew

How long have you been in this job and field of work?

I’ve been dabbling in tree-climbing and treehouse-building since 2009, and I started The Canopy Crew in 2013.

Why did you get into this field of work?

I love climbing trees, sleeping in high-up places, experimental architecture, and getting people into the woods.

Best part of your job?

The small moments in a day when you slow down and notice something beautiful about the tree you’re in. They put life into perspective.

Worst part?

This is probably true for 99 percent of any job: Interacting with grumpy people.

What value does this work provide to the community at large?

The treehouse rentals give city folks an opportunity to go experience something amazing and to connect with nature. The tree service takes care of community trees and oftentimes rescues houses or trees from danger.

What value does it provide you?

There isn’t a single thing this job doesn’t provide. It’s so diverse and well-rounded, my experiences vary wildly each day.

How has the pandemic impacted your work?

It’s given us pause, made us nervous, made us evaluate, made us confident, made us adaptable, and made us value our jobs immensely.

What’s a fun fact about your job that the public wouldn’t know?

If you spend the day climbing and pruning trees, you’ll come home with underwear full of sawdust.

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