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Baller From The Holler

Jean Dowell was a ground-breaking athlete and collegiate basketball coach. Now, with an unlikely second act (and a guitar), she is bringing it all back home.

Night Shift: The Emergency Vet

"If somebody brings a pet to me at 3 in the morning, it’s typically something that’s pretty serious."

Night Shift: Fighting Fire and Delivering Babies

”Whenever you are able to help someone who’s suffering or is in pain, it’s always rewarding.”

Night Shift: Museum Guard, Cincinnati Art Museum, Rob Farrell

”It’s not as quiet at night as you would think.”

Night Shift: Floor Supervisor/Dealer, Jack Casino, Scott Knopf

Years on job: FourShift: 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.Do you prefer to work a night shift? I do prefer to work at night because, primarily, it works well for my family, and it’s just...

How To: Choose a Community Garden

Community gardens not only feed people, they bring them together—and they come in many varieties.

Ricky Nye: Cool Cat Extraordinaire

Bridgetown native Ricky Nye has been the bee’s knees of the Cincinnati blues scene since the 1980s.

You Can Keep Chickens in the City of Cincinnati. But Not Roosters.

In this case, the chickens come first. But many an egg is sure to follow.

5 Places to Get Your Summer Slushie On

Ice so thin “it is the equivalent of snow.”