Night Shift: The Emergency Vet


Name: Jennifer Christy

Occupation: Emergency Vet, MedVet

Years on the job: 12

Shift: 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Why do you work at night? I wanted to practice emergency medicine. It’s definitely a challenge. I enjoy the fast-paced aspect of it.

How is it different than daytime practice? If somebody brings a pet to me at 3 in the morning, it’s typically something that’s pretty serious. Sometimes my goal is to get them stabilized. If I can get them through the night I can usually get them to a specialist in the morning. Although, you’d be surprised. Sometimes people come in because their pets are itching and it’s keeping them awake at night.

Do odd things happen? [There] was a dog, a lab mix, that came in who had somehow wedged his head inside of a plastic jug through a small hole. Pretty good size dog; he was about 40, 50 pounds. He came in, we heard him kind of clanking as he was walking down the hall wondering what was going on, and then saw him with this plastic jug and his tongue hanging out. It took several people to hold him still. I had to get these giant bolt cutters just to get an opening big enough and then one person pulled on the jug and two people pulled on his body and literally popped him out of this container. He was very happy then.

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