Night Shift: Bill Pritz, Owner/Baker, Shadeau Breads


Years on the job: 24
Shift: afternoon and evening to 3 a.m.

Do you feel out of step working at night? People need their bread. We do almost all our baking at night. The world is quiet and you’re just doing your work. Not a whole lot is going on actually. Working at night kind of takes you out of the fray, so the world feels a little more peaceful.

Is there an advantage to a nighttime schedule? No, I’d say there isn’t—it’s mostly disadvantage. I tend to go to bed around 5:30 or 6:30. So I don’t have that much time to be with my wife. I see her some in the morning when I get home. If you want to have a social life, baking is not a good business to be in.

Do nighttime hours give you a chance to know a different side of OTR, where Shadeau is based? There’s a lot of faces I know. But I just don’t have time to hang out with people. There’s more bad stuff that goes on at night. I probably see more of that than daytimers do. We’ve had to make a lot of 911 calls because people need the police for something and they see our lights on. It’s kind of a different neighborhood at night.

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