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Letter from the Editor: January 2016

The bulk of my radio listening these days takes place in the car, and since WVXU carries This American Life on Saturday afternoons, I usually hear Ira Glass, the host, and his revolving crew of awesome contributors, while I’m running an errand.

Letter from the Editor: December 2015

If you’re surprised to discover that the barista brewing your latte is using Cincinnati as a base of operations for an acting career, don’t be. The city is in the midst of boomlet of independent film shoots.

Letter from the Editor: January 2015

Sometimes in the process of putting together an issue you get to see something that makes it all worthwhile.

Letter from the Editor: August 2014

A wise man once told me that politicians and people in power are, on some level, all insecure about the work they do.

Letter from the Editor: July 2014

If the magazine smells like smoke this month, blame our taste buds. This is the first time we’ve devoted this many pages to the cult of ’cue.

Letter from the Editor: June 2014

Summer, and a young man’s mind turns to...the fact that he’s not young anymore.

Letter from the Editor: May 2014

When we redesigned the magazine in 2008, one of the things we wanted to add was an advice column in the front of the book. What we ended up with was Dr. Know—an advice column of sorts.

Letter from the Editor: April 2014

My daughter is a little young for the bus, so my job in the morning is to get her to school on time. Most mornings I succeed at that job, but some mornings, like this morning, I fail. (Sorry, Nola.)

Letter from the Editor: March 2014

For the first time in quite a while, we’re devoting our annual Top 10 Best Restaurants list solely to new establishments. This is a good thing; it shows how hot the dining scene has become in Cincinnati.

Letter from the Editor: February 2014

My wife says I see ghosts all over this town. In a sense I do, but they’re usually not the scary kind.