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Letter from the Editor

In case you hadn’t noticed, business is not too good right now. Unemployment is way up, the markets are way down, and some prominent economists think we’re headed for a second Great Depression, though what’s so great about it beats me. In magazine land, when faced with this kind of woeful societal scenario, there are a few different ways you can go. You can knock out a Big Serious Advice package that attempts to walk readers through the minefield to achieve a certain peace of m

Letter from the Editor

Every year for the past decade, we here at Cincinnati Magazine have taken it upon ourselves to gather up some shining examples of stupid behavior by local citizens and package it (with a wink and a snort) as the Pork Roast. This began long before I became editor, but in its current form it is a blatant rip-off—though we like to think of it more as an homage—of “Dubious Achievements,” Esquire’s long-running satirical breakdown of modern American inanity. Of cou