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Jay Stowe

Jay Stowe is the former Editor of Cincinnati Magazine.

Letter from the Editor: August 2017

Simply put, gutting a house takes guts. And I’m not sure I’ve got those kind of guts.

Letter from the Editor: July 2017

"Hot dog isn’t going to shed some tears knowing how far it’s come in life. I will.”

Letter from the Editor: May 2017

Ever get the feeling there’s something going on that you don’t know about?

Letter from the Editor: February 2017

History hovers like a ghost around Cincinnati, with vestiges of the past lying just under the surface or hiding in plain sight.

Letter from the Editor: January 2017

Should I or shouldn’t I get another dog?

Letter from the Editor: December 2016

Journalism is, actually, a tough job that somebody does have to do, because the underpinnings of our republic depend on it. So we’ll keep doing our job and trust that you’ll keep reading.

Letter from the Editor: November 2016

If I were forced at gunpoint to declare my favorite exemplar of diner food, it would be difficult. So many dishes, so little time.

Letter from the Editor: October 2016

Since moving back to Cincinnati 12 years ago, I’ve spent a lot of time in my car exploring the city. I like driving around in neighborhoods I’m not familiar with, getting lost, and finding landmarks to guide me back to a street or a place I know. Having a goal helps. It’s good to know where you’re supposed to be going even if you’re not sure how to get there; it increases the serendipity factor of vehicular wandering considerably. Kind of like life, I guess.