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Letter from the Editor: September 2017

Funny what an education can do to your brain if you’re not careful.

Letter from the Editor: August 2017

Simply put, gutting a house takes guts. And I’m not sure I’ve got those kind of guts.

Letter from the Editor: July 2017

"Hot dog isn’t going to shed some tears knowing how far it’s come in life. I will.”

Letter from the Editor: May 2017

Ever get the feeling there’s something going on that you don’t know about?

Letter from the Editor: February 2017

History hovers like a ghost around Cincinnati, with vestiges of the past lying just under the surface or hiding in plain sight.

Letter from the Editor: January 2017

Should I or shouldn’t I get another dog?

Dr. Know: Saving a Mechanical Bear, Missing Bushes, and Bengals Tailgates

Cincinnatians of a certain age are prone to relaying nostalgic stories of the Shillito’s Elves anytime the calendar turns to December, though this one isn’t quite as cute.

Letter from the Editor: December 2016

Journalism is, actually, a tough job that somebody does have to do, because the underpinnings of our republic depend on it. So we’ll keep doing our job and trust that you’ll keep reading.