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Going Dark in Indy

Experience a total solar eclipse and swap day for night in Indianapolis.
MARCH 2024

Newport’s 16 Lots Southern Outpost Reopens This Weekend

After closing abruptly in January, the offshoot of the Mason–based craft brewery is ready to give it another go.

KungBrew Café Opens in Covington in March

AmerAsia owners try their hands at an Asian-inspired coffee and tea house in MainStrasse Village.

Michael Inferrera’s Journey to “Food Fight 513” Win

Forno’s chef de cuisine takes the title in the first of the competition’s two 2024 events.

The Female-Fronted Punk Band Leggy is Our Next Big Musical Export

This trio of long-time friends is hoping to make it big time, but no matter what, one thing is obvious: You can't take the Northside out of the band.

Q&A: Ian Adkins, U.S. Bank Arena’s Production Manager

"Sometimes I’ll stowaway in a suite for the night."

Snarky Puppy Brings Its Label-Defying Sound to Northern Kentucky

For the past two years, multi-hyphenate Snarky Puppy bandleader and bassist Michael League has been so busy globetrotting with his bandmates that he doesn’t have a fixed address. The nomadic League and his revolving cast of more than 20 talented musicians (“the fam”) perform a minimum 100 shows a year.

Open: The Gruff

The perfect gourmet grocer, deli, brick oven pizza joint crossbreed.

Afishionados: Keepin’ It Fresh

Owner John Lafontaine tries hard to purchase sustainable, wild-caught, and ethically farm-raised fish.

Trending: Siphon Coffee

If you’re still drinking coffee the old fashioned way (that is, from a machine), then it’s time for an analog upgrade.