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How Cincy Are You?

How To: Master The Opening Day Parade

Drum major? Local pol? Hall of Famer? Take a number, buddy.

How To: Run The Flying Pig

Planning to take on our hometown marathon? It’s all about the hills. And the weather.

How To: Be a Festival Pit Boss

Because we’re all winners in the eyes of God.

How To: Win at Cornhole

The secret strategy of a bag man.

How To: Get Bill Cunningham to Take Your Call

Turning long-time listeners into first-time callers.

How To Make Goetta

The food of the gods, updated.

How To: Remove a Chili Stain

It’s sloppy. It’s greasy. There will be blobs.

How To Speak Cincinnatiese

Please? Y’uns think we sound funny? Oh, Jeezle Pete!

The Question

In this town, where you went to high school says more—much more—about you than simply where you went to high school.