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The Tao of Steve

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. So said Vince Lombardi, anyway. It’s a tidy adage that may resonate in the locker room at halftime, but not, I would argue, in the broader arena of life. Often, quitting is exactly the thing to do, even in sports. I should know. I have bailed on a lot of things over my 40-plus years, sports included, and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I contend that quitting has made a winner of me. And it can do the same for you, too.

Running on Empty

As I find myself just a few years from turning 50, I also find myself with the very predictable mid-life interest in physical fitness. While health and longevity are my primary motivators, I can’t deny the influence of vanity. It’s not as if I’m hoping to grow six-pack abs, like The Situation on Jersey Sh

I Scream for Justin

The Skyline Chili restaurant at Fourth and Sycamore was packed with Reds fans enjoying dinner before the team squared off with the Cleveland Indians. Even though I find sitting through nine innings something worthy of Amnesty International’s attention, I wished I was going to the game. But no, I had something even more painfu

To (Not) Tell the Truth

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The Bliss Doctor Is In

Since June is one of the most popular months for getting hitched, I thought I would offer some advice to all the new brides and grooms around the tri-state. A caveat: While I’m not a counselor or a therapist, I’ve been very observant of other people’s marriages, as well as my own. Both of them. Yes, my first marriage fell apart. But that only makes me wiser, since nothing educates quite like failure. While I can make no guarantee that these tips will keep you out of the doghouse, let alone divorce court, I believe they will increase your odds of finding and retaining wedded bliss across the long haul by a full 37.5 percent (give or take 37.5 percent). Though there is one other caveat that overrides all the advice that follows: None of this will matter much if you consider Tiger Woods’s multiple infidelities no more offensive than jaywalking.

Odd Man Out: Nature Boy

I've had some of the best times of my life in our parks. Fully clothed, of course.

Odd Man Out: Mr. Sleepy Head

For some, sweet slumber is rarely a bad option. For this columnist, it's a birthright.

Odd Man Out: Oh, Shut Your Pie Hole

It’s time someone stood up for non-foodies. And I’m just the boor to do it.

Bringing Up Babies

I’m sure it will surprise no one to learn that parenting twins in their first year is a monumental task. It turned out to be even tougher than I had imagined, and I already...

Don’t Be a Jerk

 DEC09 OMOLet’s talk turkey. No, not the Butterball variety, but the turkeys you work with. You know, the unpredictable monsters that make life miserable for everyone else. I’ve had many a sleepless night, and countless hair-pulling moments, thanks to these workplace bullies and blowhards. I bet you have, too. Because they sit in positions of power, turkeys (a.k.a. jerks, egomaniacs, sad little men/women, etc.) are nearly impossible to behead and stuff. We can hope that in the grand scheme of things—in a karmic sense, that is—they’ll get their comeuppance. Until then, we’ll grin and bear it for as long as we can, and make ourselves feel better by talking about them behind their backs and out of earshot. That seems to relieve the pressure, even if for just a short while.