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Chef Edward Lee’s The LEE Initiative Extends its Reach to Cincinnati

Mita’s will host a Cincinnati fund-raiser this Wednesday, benefiting The Lee Initiative's female chef leadership and young adult mentorship programs.

Daniel and Lana Wright Are Lifting Up The Next Generation of Food Entrepreneurs

With a decade of success as restaurateurs, the owners of Senate, Abigail Street, Pontiac, Holiday Spirits, and Forty Thieves are paying it forward with their educational residency program.

Pepp & Dolores Is Thunderdome’s Homage to Its Founders’ Italian Heritage

The down-to-earth pasta and wine restaurant adds a familial dimension to the restaurant group’s roster.

Tuba Baking Co. Makes Pizza With Pretzel Dough and We Love It

Drew Rath’s German pizza-like flatbread makes the most of his heritage dough.

BrewRiver Creole Kitchen Brings Big Easy Flavors to Linwood

A new location and a reimagined concept allow Michael Shields's menu to sing.

Tableside with Chef Soleil, Founder of Soleil Kitchen

The MORTAR grad, who's now operating from Findlay Market, looks ahead as her private chef, meal-prep, and catering business grows.

This Flaming Cocktail Is the Perfect Drink to Share with Friends

Kaze's Scorpion Bowl throws it back to the post-war tiki craze—everything old is new again.

Kentucky and Ohio Chefs Explain What Sets the Cuisines Apart

One region is known for Southern comfort food; the other for its ethnically diverse melting pot. Both thrive on seasonal produce from local farms.

Social OTR’s Job-Training Program Is Also a Darn Good Restaurant

Social OTR serves up a 12-week training program that aims to fill gaps in local kitchens (and delivers tasty food in the bargain).

Mochiko Pop-Up Dinner Chefs Plan to Open Their Own Restaurant Next Year

Boca chef Erik Bentz and pastry chef Elaine Townsend intend to parlay their twice-monthly Japanese pop-up, Mochiko, into their own restaurant.