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What Lies Beneath The Fernald Preserve

Fernald’s 30-year journey from toxic uranium processing facility to nature preserve, a cleanup job that will never truly be finished.

We Tried Out That Budget Iceland Flight And Here’s What You Need To Know

Should you book that flight to Iceland on the discount airline? Our correspondent tried it, and (spoiler alert) the answer is yes.

The Horse Latitudes

The new Belterra Park turned River Downs into a “racino.” Is this the future of racing.

The Zookeeper’s Tale

Thane Maynard spends his days telling stories: about conservation, about fascinating animals, and about how he’s working to make the Cincinnati Zoo a nationally recognized powerhouse. But it’s the precious few stories he doesn’t tell that reveal the most.

There’s an App for That

Pompeii lay buried under ash for nearly 1,700 years before an accidental rediscovery in 1748; since then, archaeological excavations have unearthed the city’s hidden history. Recently, Steven Ellis from the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Classics and his team have conducted cutting-edge archaeological research of a previously neglected section of Pompeii, spawning new findings about middle-class society and sparking a technological leap in how data is recorded and analyzed in the field.