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Did Cincinnati Invent Statue Cancel Culture in 1872?

Did Cincinnati invent statue cancel culture when a marble bust of Abraham Lincoln got removed from a West End park in 1872?

Dr. Know: An Empty Alcove, Greenacres, and Union Terminal’s Woes

This month's questions for Dr. Know touch on what that Trader Joe’s bench is for, why an estate seems to be named for a TV show, and the fate of Union Terminal.

Dr. Know: Civic Negativity, Pete Rose’s Speeding Ticket, and Concert Mis-Matches

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including our low opinion of our city, a traffic violation by Pete Rose, and that time the Beastie Boys opened for Madonna.

The Pathogen Less Traveled

In his latest column, Jay Gilbert shares the lighthearted lessons he's learned during quarantine and recognizes how fortunate he is to have his health.

Dr. Know: A Waving-Arm Balloon Man, A Traffic Helicopter Crash, and Ruth Lyons’s Alley

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including what that flapping thing is doing atop Congregation Beth Adam, what happened after a traffic copter crashed, and naming streets.

Dr. Know: Cincinnati’s Mouseketeer, a Hidden Cemetery, and Ohio’s Weed Rules

We answer questions about Jimmie Dodd’s hometown, reconnecting with the United American Cemetery, and how to manage your medical marijuana in Ohio.

Dr. Know: Giant Robots, Commercial Timing, and Solid Cincinnati

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including where the Jacobs Mechanical Tin Man went, why you're seeing snippets of commercials in late night TV, and city slogans.

Teens for Decency Wanted to Keep Things Clean in 1969

The 1960s were a turbulent time. Youth culture was in full swing, and so was the backlash to it. In 1969, dueling rallies came to town, but there was no clear winner.

Dr. Know: Burger Chef Bygones, Cancelling Charles McMicken, and Counting Turtle Lamps

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including oddly-placed restaurant signage, what else we might erase, and a disappearing municipal fixture.

That Time I Gave a High School Commencement Speech

I once gave a high school commencement speech. Someone asked me to do it again 25 years later for his coworkers.