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FC Cincinnati’s Season Descends Further into Hell

Pick your meme and/or gif. A dumpster fire. The “this is fine” dog. McKayla Maroney’s “not impressed” face. Any of them would be an appropriate summation of FC Cincinnati’s debut season so far in...

Soccer Is Now the World’s Game Year-Round

Over the years, with the expansion of television coverage and the explosion of fantasy sports, the internet, and social media, the major pro sports leagues in America—in particular the NBA and NFL—have seen increased...

FC Cincinnati Fans Say, ‘Enter the Zlatan’

A sellout crowd is expected Saturday night to witness MLS’s highest-profile player.

Resetting FC Cincinnati’s Season at the Gold Cup Break

Nippert Stadium hosts the U.S. men’s national team and familiar USL rival Louisville City FC before the MLS schedule resumes on June 22.

How Does FC Cincinnati’s First MLS Season Compare to Other Clubs’ Records?

After losing to the New York Red Bulls last weekend, FCC sinks to second to last in MLS.

FC Cincinnati’s Bad Old Days

For better or worse, I’m ill-informed when it comes to popular television series. All day on Monday, I listened to coworkers chat about—check that, eviscerate—the series finale of Game of Thrones. I couldn’t relate;...

We’re Gonna Need FC Cincinnati to Go Ahead and Keep Winning

New coach, new approach, and the return of Greg Garza get FCC back into gear.

Alan Koch Is the First Casualty of FC Cincinnati’s Funk

FCC needs better players, but they should also be performing better with what they have.

FC Cincinnati Moves on from an Agonizing April

One of the stereotypical complaints from Americans about soccer is the lack of scoring. Who wants to devote nearly two hours (90-plus minutes of live play and a 15-minute halftime) to a scoreless draw...

The Highs and Lows So Far of FC Cincinnati’s Inaugural MLS Season

The best and worst moments, players, and decisions so far in FCC’s first MLS season.