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MLS Roster Building Is Underway

FC Cincinnati’s top three roster executives are already pointing the team to next year’s major league debut.

Can FC Cincinnati End the City’s Playoff Drought?

Neither the Reds or Bengals have won a home playoff game since 1995.

Struggles Continue With Pitching Development

Scouting and player development leaders lose their jobs as pitching woes dog the Reds.

Five Bachelor Party Tips from a Serial Groomsman

Over the past 18 months, I’ve attended 12 weddings (three as a groomsman) and five bachelor parties. (Yes, I nearly wept over a recent credit card bill.) Through those experiences, I’ve discovered certain dos and don’ts about the art of groomsman-ing.

Rebuild Clouded by Competing Interests and the Merits of Merit

Just how committed are the Reds to The Rebuild?

The FC Cincinnati Fan’s Guide to MLS

if recent MLS season-openers hold true, FCC will commence its initial MLS campaign in early March.

Grading the Reds at the (Near) All-Star Break

The miserable start can’t be ignored, but neither can the 34-30 record since the start of May.

Another Rotation Domino Falls

With a strong offense and sturdy bullpen taking shape, an average rotation is the last step between the Reds and respectability.

Looking for Starting Pitching? Try These Trades!

If this club is intent on chasing respectability, then they must look outside for starting pitching assistance. The most prudent course of action? A trade.

Can FC Cincinnati Shock the Soccer World Again?

The uncomfortable sprint to the finish was worth it. Major League Soccer has granted FC Cincinnati admission into North America’s top tier of professional soccer next season, meaning the franchise will not have to jockey with Nashville and Miami (each slated to join MLS in 2020) for players in an expansion draft or for the No. 1 overall selection in the next MLS SuperDraft.