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This Is What it Looks like When Robin Wood’s Two Daughters Get Married

Sadie Steller and Libby Mock have always been close. Born just 19 months apart, the sisters are best friends and have experienced many of life’s milestones together. So when they set their wedding dates for just three months apart—Libby’s was June 11, 2016, and Sadie’s was September 3, 2016—it felt natural to plan their weddings side-by-side.

Our Favorite Things: Emily Craig and Danny Kester

Comfort food, quirky decor, and an epic dance party made this Memorial Hall wedding a night to remember.
Alyssa Carlotta and Joe Flading

School’s In Session: Alyssa Carlotta and Joe Flading

A never-done-before venue and an unexpected choice of music made this couple’s wedding a one-of-a-kind event.
Bethany Slack and Peter Wagreich

Local Love: Bethany Slack and Peter Wagreich

Let’s do brunch: A breakfast burrito bar, a family-made dessert spread, and plenty of DIY touches made this afternoon wedding one of a kind.

Work It Out

Skip the male strippers. These fitness bachelorette parties are designed to be fun—and a little frisky.

Have Your Cake

Sugar Realm offers a sweet deal for thrifty brides.

Top It Off: Mini Me (And You)

Step into the studio for a single, 360-degree photo, and out pops your six- to eight-inch plastic replica.

Wedding Photos: To Drone or Not To Drone?

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s a drone. And it’s the newest fad in wedding photography.

The After Party: Three Itinerary Ideas

Your guests aren’t ready to call it a night—and neither are you! Keep the party going with these three-part plans.

Cincinnati Kid: Shane Sparks

This Aiken grad’s work on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance landed him a gig choreographing the revival of Dreamgirls. We got him talking about his moves, his $3,000 tuxedo, and his technique for teaching a white girl how to dance.