Parlour Owner Jessie Hoffman Shares Tips for Getting the Perfect Wedding Hair

Whether you’re going for an updo, down-do, or something in-between, Jessie Hoffman, owner and lead stylist of Parlour in East Walnut Hills, shares her secrets for helping brides achieve wedding-day hair they love.

Illustration by Zachary Ghaderi

What’s trending in bridal hair right now?

It’s a more undone look, not as fussy. We’re seeing a lot of low chignons and soft feathering pieces hanging out that aren’t tightly wound or curled that almost look like they fell out on accident—but, of course, they didn’t. It takes lots of e ort for an e ortless look.

How do you feel about brides wearing their hair down?

It’s actually pretty popular right now, wearing it down and loose with a glamorous wave. It can be beautiful, but make sure it goes with the dress. If there’s beading on the dress, sometimes hair can get caught in it.

Any advice for what not to do with wedding hair?

I would avoid a lot of hairspray. Overuse can cause the style to droop or fall. People think the more the better, but you want to use it correctly and sparingly, with intention.

Is it always necessary to go in for a trial hair run before the wedding?

Definitely, yes. A good stylist should ask for images of the dress and hairstyles the bride likes. A trial allows them to go home with the hair, take photos, and actually contemplate what they’ll look like that day.

When should brides get their last haircut prior to their wedding?

Assuming they want an updo, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve noticed a lot of brides will not cut their hair for fear that it won’t hold in an updo, and that’s just not true.

When should they wash their hair?

I prefer if it’s washed that morning. It’s a misconception that dirty hair lasts longer; it’s quite the opposite. If someone’s hair is oily, we end up having to use a lot of dry shampoo, and that can dull the hair and leave it with a powdery look. We also want it free of product when they arrive, so we can dictate what goes in the hair.

What should you do if a bride is unhappy with her hair on her wedding day?

I don’t know if that’s ever happened to me, because I’ve always done a trial run, but I would redo it. They should always have the stylist fix it, rather than crying in the bathroom and having someone fix it later. Speaking up during the process is really helpful.

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