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Have Your Cake

Sugar Realm offers a sweet deal for thrifty brides.

Top It Off: Mini Me (And You)

Step into the studio for a single, 360-degree photo, and out pops your six- to eight-inch plastic replica.

Wedding Photos: To Drone or Not To Drone?

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s a drone. And it’s the newest fad in wedding photography.

The After Party: Three Itinerary Ideas

Your guests aren’t ready to call it a night—and neither are you! Keep the party going with these three-part plans.

Cincinnati Kid: Shane Sparks

This Aiken grad’s work on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance landed him a gig choreographing the revival of Dreamgirls. We got him talking about his moves, his $3,000 tuxedo, and his technique for teaching a white girl how to dance.